November 2020
Arkansans Pass Road Tax, Term Limit Changes
Voters Reject Ballot Issue Amendment
Arkansas voters ended lifetime term limits for state legislators and created a permanent source of funding for road construction and maintenance on Tuesday in the 2020 General Election.

Two of three proposed constitutional amendments from the legislature received widespread state support. Voters rejected a third proposal that would have changed the citizen initiative process and increased the number of votes required by state legislators to refer constitutional amendments to voters.

According to Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston's office,1,205,685 ballots were cast. That represents 65.9% of the registered voters in Arkansas.

2020 Ballot Issues: Where they passed and where they failed
The 0.5% sales tax passed in every county except Cleburne, Pulaski and Randolph counties. 
Changes to Arkansas' term limits passed in every county except Columbia, Lawrence, Prairie, Pulaski and Randolph counties
Changes to Arkansas' ballot issue process passed only in Chicot, Crittenden, Cross, Miller and Sevier counties.
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