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From left to right: Cynthia Edwards, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture; Mark Lambert, ASPB Administrator; Rusty Smith, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board Chairman; Governor Asa Hutchinson; Joe Thrash, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board Member; Wes Ward, Secretary of Agriculture .
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Nov. 4, 2019) - Governor Asa Hutchinson has declared November Arkansas Soybean Month in honor of soybean producers and in recognition of the significant economic impact of the state's largest row crop.

Arkansas is ranked 10th in the nation for soybean production. Last year, 3.24 million acres were harvested, yielding 165.24 million bushels. Valued at $1.4 billion, soybean acres in Arkansas total more than rice, corn, sorghum and wheat combined. Known for its versatility, the commonly referred to "miracle bean" can be found in supermarkets, hardware stores, biodiesel and more.

"Arkansas Soybean Month is intended to educate Arkansans how crucial soybean production is to the state's agriculture industry. We are very proud of our soybean producers, and this is just one way we honor them," said Rusty Smith, chairman of the  Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board (ASPB) and Prairie County soybean grower. "Remember, we are local, so our consumers are important to us. We're a great team from the inside out, and we're grateful."

The state is an ideal place for this particular crop to thrive, as it's been a success for 90 years. "We've got the soil, we've got the water, we've got the climate, we've got the farmers, who just work their hearts out for it," said Cynthia Edwards, deputy secretary of agriculture at Arkansas Agriculture Department.

ASPB  invites all Arkansans to join in the celebration of Arkansas's soybean producers by visiting its website throughout November. There, you can find recipes, learn about the many careers in agriculture, listen to podcasts on the latest research and meet the leaders who serve on the ASPB. Also, be sure to watch The Soybean Brand Documentary, a short, two-and-a-half minute video offering a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to sustain this valuable industry.

For more information about Arkansas's soybean industry, visit or follow ASPB on   Twitter ,   Facebook or Instagram .


Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board
The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board consists of soybean producers appointed by the Governor and nominated by various producer organizations within Arkansas. Although board members contribute many hours of their time to administering the program, they serve without pay.

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