February | 2021
Each spring, AVECC selects two high school juniors to attend Washington Youth Tour. The winners are chosen through an interview process. Applicants must be high school juniors whose parents or guardians are AVECC members.
Through the Youth Tour, Arkansas’ youth learn more about the workings of their nation’s government and electric cooperatives while simultaneously developing leadership skills.
Employee Spotlight

Years at AVECC: 5

“I handle all the Accounts Payable functions for AVECC and Wave Rural Connect from the initial set up of the vendor to entering the invoice. I also issue the payment and filing of 1099s at year-end. I issue member refund checks, record fixed assets purchases and retirements for both companies, track and file any unclaimed property every year, report and file the monthly sales and use tax reports with the state of Arkansas, and compile and enter journal entries monthly.
Working in accounts payable allows me to work closely with at least one person from every department (since all departments have invoices to turn in to me!) So, while I may be sitting alone in my office all day, I am still in touch by phone or email with numerous people throughout any given day. I enjoy the relationships that I have formed over the years with many of my coworkers. We all help each other out as much as possible.”

Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month