January | 2021
Arkansas Valley Electric Featured on National Television Program, “World’s Greatest”
PrePay allows members to pay for electricity when and how they choose. Members may purchase electricity before they use it. This freedom allows for members to control their budget and pay a comfortable amount each month.
Employee Spotlight

Member Services Representative- Member Service Specialist- Billing Issues
Years at AVECC: 7 1/2

"I was hired at Arkansas Valley Electric on June 17, 2013. I’ve worked in Member Services and am now a Member Service Specialist in Billing Issues. My focus is commercial, net metering, levelized billing, prepay, pledges and agency payments, priority accounts, and members who need special assistance due to medical issues, are disabled, or are senior citizens.
My favorite part about working for Arkansas Valley Electric is the opportunity to work with a great work “family” and to use my customer service skills to assist our members."

Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month