March | 2021
Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation is accepting applications for its new scholarship program. High school seniors whose parents or guardians are AVECC members may apply for one of two $2,500 scholarships that the cooperative will award this year.

Employee Spotlight

Easement Coordinator
Years at AVECC: 32 ½ years

"As an Easement Coordinator, I deal with getting permits and easements for new right-of-way for both AVECC and Wave Rural Connect. For example, if we need an easement or permit for either company, I talk to the landowners or companies involved about getting the necessary easements. Over the last 32 years, I’ve enjoyed getting to meet and talk with our members on a regular basis. No day is ever the same out in the field. I get to meet and work with a lot of good people."

Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month
Wave Rural Connect has officially opened another zone in your area! (Greenwood Zone)
We're taking orders now, so contact us by visiting or call 1 (833) 4WAVERC.