September | 2020
The Cooperative Way: AVECC Linemen Travel to Louisiana to Help Fellow Cooperative after Hurricane Laura
Crews from across the region continue working to restore power to affected areas in Louisiana. Eight AVECC linemen are among the other workers committed to restoring power.

AVECC Crew members are:

Kendall Ward
Derrek Seahorn
Casey Moudy
Kenneth Byrd
Zack Carmack
Daniel Walker
Eric Shelton
Brett Hutchinson
Solar power is becoming more popular as an energy source for businesses and homes across the globe. But is it right for you? We sit down with AVECC's Engineering and Operations Director, Barret Ewing who discusses how solar power works and what resources AVECC has available to help you make your solar power decisions. 

Employee of the Month
John Yates
“I manage the Control Center personnel. My team is responsible for Outage Management which includes monitoring our Electric Distribution system for problems and outages. They take a proactive approach to predict outages that have occurred. This allows us to respond more quickly to outages and reduce outage time. They dispatch the appropriate personnel depending on the outage situation to restore power safely and efficiently. I genuinely love what I do for AVECC. I get to work directly with some really great people every day, that are really good at their jobs."
Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month
V is for Victory
Seventy-five years ago, on Sept. 2, 1945, a native Arkansan wearing five stars on his collar signed the Japanese surrender on the deck of the battleship USS Missouri to formally end World War II.