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Arkhitektura SSSR Complete Run 1933-47
Arkhitektura SSSR “(b)egan publication (in 1933) after the 1932 decree abolishing individual architectural organizations and providing for the organization of the Union of Soviet Architects" and ran through the postwar years to 1947 when it was suspended until 1951. Cover designs for the 1933-35 issues were by Lissitzky.

Arkhitektura SSSR was "the official professional Soviet architectural journal. From 1933–36, of particular value for articles covering both the numerous arguments against constructivism and other vagaries of modern architecture and the attempts to posit new tenets applying socialist realism to Soviet architecture; analysis of current work by Soviet architects is framed in a corresponding polemic. After 1936, the periodical provides an important review of contemporary Soviet architecture practice, including reviews of work by individual architects, historical analysis of developments in Soviet architecture, official proclamations affecting the practice of architecture, and continuing theoretical and ideological discussions of the goals of directions of Soviet architecture.” Senkevich, A.,  Soviet Architecture 1917-62 , p. 16, Univ. Press of Virginia, 1974.

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