OCTOBER 2015


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This journal was the official publication of the Union of Soviet Architects. 
Arkhitektura SSSR began publication after the 1932 decree abolishing individual architectural organizations and providing for the organization of the Union of Soviet Architects, the official professional Soviet architectural journal. From 1933-1941, this journal was particularly useful, with articles covering the numerous arguments against Constructivism and the attempts to posit new tenets for applying socialist realism to Soviet architecture. 
After 1936, the journal provided an important review of contemporary Soviet architectural practice, including reviews of work by individual architects, historical analyses of developments in Soviet architecture, official proclamations affecting the practice of architecture, and continuing theoretical and ideological discussions of the goals and directions of Soviet architecture.

The journal covered seminal events such as the opening of the Moscow Metro and major exhibitions such as Paris-1937; the 1939 New York World's Fair; and the 1939-1940 All Union Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow.

Source: Senkevitch, Jr., Anatole. Soviet Architecture 1917-1962. A Bibliographical Guide to Source Material. University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1974, page 16.

Offered here are 83 numbers of 96, a near complete run for the critical years of 1933 to 1941.

Also included are 7 issues from the war years, when the journal appeared sporadically.  

Note: El Lissitzky designed the covers of this journal for the first several years of its run.

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