As the world awakens to a renewed awareness of just how fundamentally connected we all are, our collective sense of community has never felt stronger. And with my African roots I cannot help but think of the word  Ubuntu  right now. In the local Nguni language, it means ‘I am because We are’ and Nelson Mandela embodied this with his belief that we all share a universal bond.

Let me tell you a story…
Once upon a time an anthropologist visited a tribal village and proposed a game to the children.
He placed a basket of candy near a tree and made the children stand 100 meters away. Then he explained that they would all run to the tree, and whoever reaches the basket first gets to keep all the treats.
“Ready, steady, go!”
To his surprise, the children all held hands and ran together towards the tree, where they divided the sweets equally among themselves and ate them with great joy.
When the anthropologist asked them why they did that they answered: “ Ubuntu - how can one be happy, when others are sad.”

Ubuntu certainly rings true in my life – both professionally and at home. Without taking great care of you, my very valued clients and without my family, friends and colleagues I would be very sad, just like those kids who would have missed out on the candy, had their parents not taught them Ubuntu .

I am because We are - as I gratefully keep the Spirit of Travel alive!