While doing a thorough Spring clean at home, I came across my passport, filled with interesting stamps collected over many years!

Although a Passport is the universal symbol of travel, for me it also reminds me of my Joie de Vivre, my curiosity, my sense of adventure and, on some pages – my courage to venture forth in the face of adversity.

Have you looked at your passport recently? What memories does it reveal to you? And, where do you still want to go, before it must be renewed?

Since passports have 5-year validity*, this just may be the perfect time to create a 5-year travel plan. 
Why not give me a call and let’s dust off the World Atlas together. We’ll uncover all those dreams still on your list and find innovative ways to realize them. Watch video >>

You may be surprised what you discover – like I was when my eyes fell on New Zealand! I had completely forgotten that, many years ago my travel career was inspired with a fascination for Aotearoa , and I have yet to set foot on the "land of the long white cloud". Better start my research!

* For online Canadian Passport applications visit www.TravelBoecker.com > Traveller’s Toolkit > Passports