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On  Mystify, Armik's new all-acoustic album, the best-selling Nuevo Flamenco guitarist gives us a riveting, intense and intimate program consisting of eleven songs. His musical poetry soars with all the beauty and integrity of his twenty-eight previous recordings and more importantly, his guitar virtuosity and technique continue to exceed any pre-conceived expectations. Armik's remarkable versatility and dynamic range makesMystify one of his best recordings to date.  This is music that will change your perspective of solo guitar recordings because it reflects a lifetime of Armik's great musicality and undoubtedly is a high point of his career.


All eleven of the marvelously written and incredibly powerful masterpieces are fresh takes on Armik's musical journeys. Their eloquent, beautiful melodies range from exotic with global appeal to intimate heartfelt love songs filled with romanticism and stylish classicism. Armik's Mystify is the kind of impressively moving recording that you'll be glad you listened to from start to finish.


Mystify Track Samples and Preview Video


1.  Friday Night Rumba 

11. Muse

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Visit Armik's website to view his Official Bio and more!
is one of the most adulated virtuosos of a new genre he defines as World Fusion, Flamenco, Spanish Guitar.
One of the best selling guitarists in the world since 1994, Armik is a global artist and musician with a wide demographic. All of his albums have charted above the top ten rung on the Billboard New Age ladder of success. Visit Armik's website to view his  Official Bio and more.
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