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Available Worldwide; January 26, 2018

For decades, the feverish and fierce art of Flamenco guitar has spread like wildfire from Spain to points around the globe. Armik is now honoring that legacy in the Nuevo Flamenco genre by fusing a wider variety of musical styles including Flamenco, Spanish guitar, and Latin jazz. Armik, who has produced and performed on a vast number of Billboard’s number one best-selling albums, leads the remarkable guitarists of the Nuevo Flamenco genre with  Pacifica,  his 29th recording of 11 original songs for his record imprint Bolero Records. With over 35 albums charting in the top 10 spots on the Billboard New Age chart, Armik is the most popular Nuevo Flamenco guitarist recording and performing today. His songwriting, virtuosic performances, and adaptations of today’s most popular musical styles to many traditional Spanish music genres, while maintaining a strictly improvisational approach has made him a trailblazing virtuoso who is without comparison. With  Pacifica,  Armik’s complex but assessable blend of Spanish guitar, Latin jazz and Flamenco traditions will surely bring him continued worldwide critical acclaim, fame and an enduring legacy unmatched by his Nuevo Flamenco peers.
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In a career that now numbers more than 35 recordings under his own name, Armik has established a variety of new benchmarks. He has developed an unsurpassed facility for integrating the Spanish guitar scales to give his songs a Spanish feel with the instrument’s conventional range, bringing a new edge and polish to the concept of extended technique. As a result, his imaginative recordings have topped the Billboard New Age charts for the past 15 years all while introducing and re-introducing Armik to his worldwide legions of fans. Read more...
Armik On The Charts
Armik is No. 2 on  Billboard's 2017 Year End New Age Artists Chart with three albums on the 2017 Top Ten Seller's list:
Enamor  No. 3
Solo Guitar Collection No. 6
Romantic Spanish Guitar Vol. 3  No. 8
Recent Releases by Armik
No. 3 on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age Weekly Chart (48 weeks)
Solo Guitar Collection
No. 7 on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age Weekly Chart (65 weeks)
Other Recordings by Armik on Bolero Records
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