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Armik's famous guitar playing on his New Age chart-topping hit Romantic Spanish Guitar, Volume 1 was so loved by his fans that he continues the love affair with an exceptional  Romantic Spanish Guitar, Volume 2. This great recording is filled with the superb intonation, clear projection, and enormous power that Armik's hit recordings lend to his listeners. The guitar virtuoso offers eleven brand new compositions that inspire romance, intimacy and love but they also take his proven ideas about the language of love that his guitar speaks to a whole new level.


Armik shines as the star voice in Romantic Spanish Guitar, Volume 2 and his range, control and skills as a guitarist and composer are simply mind-boggling. He takes romance to a level that anyone can understand and enjoy while still bringing depth and soul to his poetic originals.




Romantic Spanish Guitar Vol. 2 

Samples and Preview Video 


1. Winds of Passion

2. Breathless

3. Guitanova

4. Isla Mujeres

5. Runaway Lovers

6. Escape to Paradise

7. Bella Melodia

8. My Love For You

9. Playa Del Carmen

10. Sunsets In Cruz Bay

11. Solo Guitarra

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Visit Armik's website to view his   Official Bio  and more!
  is one of 
the most  ad ulated virtuosos of a new  genre he defines as World Fusion, Flamenco, Spanish Guitar.
One of the best selling guitarists in the world since 1994, Armik is a global artist and musician with a wide demographic. All of his albums have charted above the top ten rung on  the Billboard New Age ladder 
of success.  (Read more)

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