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    We have added several new armored vehicles to our fleet of armored passenger vehicles available for rent around the world.
Contact me directly or view our website for vehicle locations and pricing information.
We have operators standing by 24 hours a day.
Christopher Hill
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Contracting Manager
Diplomat Armored Rentals
**Please forward to your procurement department.
New Armored Vehicles Available from Diplomat Armored Rentals:
B6 Armored Audi A8 Available for hire in Italy and Vatican City.
Armored Vehicles Available For Rent
B7  BMW 760LI
In London we have (2) BMW
760Li High Security Vehicles available for rent. These vehicles were armored by BMW and certified VR7 (B7) armor requirements. The 760 also features a gas attack suppression system, fire suppression system and Head of State standard Underbody and driveby mine protection. The price quoted is for a client driven rental. Expert security drivers also avilable.
 **The BMW is available for delivery throughout Europe
Daily Price: $2,000 USD
Weekly Price:$10,000 USD
 B4 Porshe Cayenne 
The 2010 armored Porshe Cayenne is an execellent choice for clients that want something different while traveling to Brazil. The Porshe matches B6 armor with Porshe performace to deliver a truly spectacular vehicle. Prices include professional driver working an 8 hour shift. We also have client  driven vehicles availble for long term rentals  in Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro.
Daily Price: $2,800 USD
B6 Mercedes S550
Washington D.C./New York
In Washington D.C. we have B6 Armored Mercedes S550's, BMW 760 Li sedans, Chevrolet Suburbans, Hummers and Yukon Denalis. These vehicles are available for lease throughout the east coast of the United States. Airport Transfer rates available for trips to and from foreign  embassies. Contact us today for info regarding DAR Embassy Services.
S550 Daily Price: $8,000 USD
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We currently have one armored BMW X6 Crossover SUV and one armored BMW X5 SUV available for rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These BMW's are premium armored vehicles and are a great fit for VIP's that want a performance SUV and the peace of mind from having an armored vehicle.  
Daily Price: $3,000 USD
*With Security Driver
 B6 Ford Excursion
El Paso/Cuidad Juarez
We have a white B6 (Level 5) armored Ford Excursion 4x4 available for rent along the US/Mexican Border.
The Excursion offers plenty of space for corporate groups traveling to production facilities in Mexico.
Call about our Maquila Visit Daily Specials
Daily Price:$1,400
Weekly Price: $6,500


Armored BMW X6   
Istanbul, Turkey
We are currently running a special on our armored 2012 BMW X6 that is located in the Turkey. This vehicle is available for rent throughout Turkey for long and short term rentals. Due to insurance restrictions, this vehicle can NOT be driven outside of Turkey. 



Daily Price: $2,500

Weekly Price: $15,000


Moscow, Russia
We have access to (1) BMW 2012 BMW 760LI High Security Vehicle in Moscow, Russia. This is a new BMW factory armored head of state security  vehicle was made available to Diplomat Armored Rentals from BMW Russia.
Available for delivery to St. Petersburg for the 2014 G20 Summit.
Daily Price: $6,000 USD
*With Security Driver
 B6 Audi A8
Rome, Italy
We have a black B6 armored Audi A8 Available for rent in Rome.
The A8 is a provides plenty of leg room and reclining rear seats to provide the premium chueffer driven vehicle experience.. We also have an Audi A6 & Armored Land Cruiser available for hire in Italy. 
Call about our Maquila Visit Daily Specials
Daily Price:$4,800


B4 BMW X5 Security
Madrid, Spain
We have (2) BMW X5 Security Vehicles available for rent in Madrid, Spain. The X5 Security vehicle was factory armored by BMW and provides perfect combination of superb handling and  armored protection.



Daily Price: $2,500

Weekly Price: $1,300


 B6 Toyota Land Cruiser
Tripoli, Libya
In Libya we have several B6 armored Toyota Land Cruisers available for rent in Tripoli & Benghazi. We can also provide ex-military drivers with access passes to Libyan military bases for International Organizations traveling to Libya.

Daily Price: $2,225 USD
Drivers: $200 USD per day
 B6 Mercedes Sprinter
Abuja, Nigeria
We have 2 B6 Armored Mercedes Sprinter vans available for hire in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria. The Sprinter van has seating for up to 10 passengers and provides an excellent option for groups traveling within the Lagos metro area.
(4x4 SUVS also available)
Daily Price: $2,500 USD
 B6 Toyota Land Cruiser
Lagos, Nigeria
In Nigeria we have (2) B6 armored Toyota Land Cruisers available for rent in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. The TLC 4X4's provide adequate ground clearance for clients traveling throughout the mining and oil production sites in Nigeria.
Dailly Price: $2,000 USD Monthly Price: $15,000 USD


 B6 Toyota Land Cruiser
Nairobi, Kenya
In  Nairobi we have (3) B6 Armored Toyota Land Cruisers available for hire.We currently have both Petrol and Diesel vehicles available. Contact us for long term rental rates.

Daily Price: $2,225 USD

 B6 Range Rover Vogue
South Africa
In South Africa we have several armored Sport Utility Vehicles and sedans available for hire in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
(4x4 SUVS also available)
Daily Price: $2,000 USD
 B6 Toyota Land Cruiser
Diplomat Armored Rentals has several 2006-2012 B6 armored Toyota Land Cruisers available for rent in Kabul, Bagram & Kandahar. Our services in Afghanistan include maintenance, fuel plans, Towing/Vehicle recovery, and GPS Blue Force Tracking.
Weekly Price: $4,600 USD Monthly Price: $10,000 USD


 B6 Mitsubishi Monterro
Monterey/Reynosa, Mexico
We are offering a rental special on an Armored 2011 Mitsubishi Monterro Sport that is located in Monterey, Mexico.
 The daily price includes a driver working a 10 hour shift.
Daily Price: $1650 USD
 B6 Mercedes G400
Kabul, Afghanistan
We have a 2008 Mercedes G400 SUV available for rent in Afghanistan. The G400 was armored by world famous Stoof Armoring in Germany. It is blue with a black leather interior. This vehicle has been well maintained and only has 22,000 km on the odometer. The Mercedes is available now in Kabul.  
Weekly Price: $4,500 USD
Monthly Price: $8,000USD
B6 Cadillac Escalade
Mexico City, Mexico
We have several  B6 armored Chevrolet Suburbans and Yukon Denalis available for rent in Mexico City. From Mexico City we can also provide vehicles throughout central Mexico. .  

Daily Price: $2,500 USD
 B6 Chevrolet Suburban
LA/San Diego/Tijuana
We currently have one armored 2012 Chevrolet Suburban. The 2012 excellent choice for Maquiladora visits in Tijuana. We can also provide armed security drivers and meet clients at San Diego Internatinal Airport or LAX.
Pick up at Brownfield or Carlsbad also available for privte flights into San Diego
Daily Price: $1,850 USD
 B6 Mercedes S500
Santiago, Chile
In Chile we have an armored Mercedes S500 sedan available for rent. We can also provide armed and unarmed security drivers to our clients that need executive protection while traveling through Chile.  .

Daily Price: $2,100 USD
B6 Toyota Land Cruiser
Iraq, Basra/Bagdad/Erbil
In Iraq, Diplomat Armored Rentals has several B6 armored Toyota Land Cruisers available for lease. We also have B6 armored GMC Savanna Vans and armored Toyota Hilux pickup trucks available.  

Monthly Prices  
Petrol 2013 Land Cruiser: $9,800
Diesel 2013 Land Cruiser: 12,500
GMC Savanna: Not Available
 B6 Chevrolet Suburbans
Caracas, Venezuela
In Venezuela we have several B6 armored 4x4 sport utility vehicles available for hire with armed security drivers.
We currently have armored Ford Expeditions and Chevrolet Suburbans available in Caracas, Venezuels
Daily Price: $1,850 USD
 B6 Toyota Prados
Bogota, Colombia
In Colombia we have several B6 Armored SUV's and sedans available for hire in Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, and Cartagena.
Daily rate includes security driver working a 10 hour shift and 200 km.
Daily Price: $2,100 USD
B6 Yukon Denali
In Honduras we have a B6 Armored Yukon Denali and two B6 Armored Chevrolet Suburbans available for hire with armed security drivers
 Daily rate includes security driver working a 10 hour shift and 200 km.
Daily Price: $1,800 USD
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