It's Arn here! I'm happy to share with you some of the work CLA is doing at the moment. We continue to work hard for Cambodia and arts around the world! I am also very honoured to have been nominated by the International Music Council as a Champion for the Five Music Rights. I've recorded a short message that you can see below .

Guess what? I am coming to the US this fall for the arts4peace tour. I can't wait to share our work with you and share the possibilities of the future.

I hope you enjoy reading about our work in this newsletter - the team share about our Cultural Season happening now in Phnom Penh, our new Artist Fellows, and more about the US tour! Please remember that none of this is possible without your support. I hope that you can help us to keep doing our work by making a donation today .

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Exploring Identities: A Cultural Season
In an ever-changing society, how do we define who we are? How do we respond to historical, cultural, geographical influences? Are our understandings of what it means to be Cambodian inclusive, and do they reflect the diversity that makes up the country?

We're thrilled to be presenting our first ever Cultural Season: a three-month program of performances, panel discussions, film screenings, exhibitions and workshops, featuring artists and partner organizations from around Cambodia and beyond. 

The program will run in Phnom Penh from July to September 2018, and is curated around the theme “Exploring Identities”. We hope to start conversations among and between audiences and artists; and to encourage people to question their perception of identities.
Announcing the Artist Fellowship (USA)
We have selected 3 Cambodian artists to take part in the Artist Fellowship (USA) program. They will spend four weeks in residence at the prestigious Vermont Studio Center (VSC) in Johnson, Vermont. After the residency, they will spend 9 days in and around New York City, visiting arts spaces and organizations, meeting arts professionals, and connecting with the Cambodian community. Wow!

The program aims to give these Cambodian artists time and space to find their voice and to develop their artistic language. When they return to Cambodia, they will be advocates and mentors, enriching the arts community with new perspectives and ways of working.

“The residency changed my life forever. I now see the world beyond my home and my perspective has become much broader” – CHOV Theanly, 2015 Artist Fellow

We wish these artists the very best and look forward to supporting and following their journeys. If you're on the East Coast this fall, you could meet them too!
TAN Vatey
Visual Artist
Tor Vutha
TOR Vutha
Visual Artist & Co-founder of Phare Ponleu Selpak
Hang Sokharo
HANG Sokharo
Independent Filmmaker
arts4peace US tour
Meet The KMMB and the Artist Fellows
We're coming to the USA! For three weeks in October/November 2018, we are travelling to locations across the East Coast of the US for the arts4peace tour . Join us for a series of events and public performances and presentations!

The Khmer Magic Music Bus (The KMMB) will be taking Cambodian music worldwide, and connecting with Cambodian diaspora communities. They hope to reach those who rarely get the chance to experience Cambodian music and instruments. Their performances will explore the members' personal life experiences through the lens of arts for transformation in Cambodia.

More information coming soon - don't miss this chance to experience the magic of arts for transformation for yourself!
CLA supporter, we need your help to get there!
We need your help to make this tour happen. Please consider supporting this tour with a donation to support our mission and vision today. More details about the tour coming this space and we look forward to meeting you soon!
Experience Cambodian Living Arts
Our Cultural Enterprise
Rated #1 for concerts and shows in Phnom Penh, our dance show, 'Earth & Sky' continues to receive rave reviews!

Experience this, and much more, yourself - join one of our cultural delegations or let us help create a tailored experience with Cambodia's artists and cultural changemakers!
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