News from the Downtown Alliance
November 1, 2019
A note from the president

We had the fantastic opportunity to attend the International Downtown Association annual conference for the second time earlier this week in Baltimore.

At last year's conference the Downtown Alliance was not yet six months old and our minds were blown that the challenges and opportunities facing downtown Saint Paul were essentially the same as downtowns everywhere. And as such we've had the ability to learn best practices and hear from industry experts from around the world about what is or isn't working for them.

This time we went with another year of experience under our belts and were able to share many of our own successes with leaders from other cities. We were able to tout the statistics from Streets of Summer while learning about the latest advances in downtown data benchmarking. We shared our experiences with downtown Saint Paul's explosive population growth and listened to experts discuss innovative solutions to retail and mobility that benefit downtown's worker and residential populations.

We're more energized than ever to work together with all of you to make downtown fantastic.

Enjoy your weekend!

See you all around (down)town,

Joe Spencer
The Saint Paul Downtown Alliance
Look what we found in Baltimore!
Public art installation will honor former Mayor Cohen
A new public art installation is coming downtown. CarryOn Homes will pay tribute to former Mayor Larry Cohen's contributions to immigrant inclusion in Minnesota. The piece is the work of CarryOn Homes Artist Collective and will begin as a temporary installation in the plaza outside the Ramsey County Courthouse at Wabasha Street and Kellogg Boulevard through the end of November with the intention of making it permanent in the summer of 2020.

Celeste St. Paul now open
After more than $15 million and two years of preservation and restoration Celeste St. Paul opens to the public today. But earlier this week the hotel opened it's doors to host some very special guests. The former convent and music academy welcomed about a dozen nuns who had previously lived at St. Agatha's Conservatory. The boutique hotel features a craft cocktail bar and 71 rooms, including several suites with sweeping views of downtown.

Downtown Saint Paul in the news 
What's happening next week around Downtown Saint Paul
The Barber of Seville | November 9 - 17 - Ordway Theatre

Minnesota Roller Derby Season 16 Kick Off | November 9 - Roy Wilkins Auditorium

Lobby Tea at the St. Paul Hotel | Weekends in November and December
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