News from the Downtown Alliance
March 6, 2020
A note from the president
Hello friends,
First, on behalf of the Saint Paul Downtown Alliance, I want to congratulate Mayor Carter on the birth of his daughter, Amila!

This afternoon I had a delicious lunch at the newly opened Pillbox in the Treasure Island Center. The place made a fantastic first impression with a great menu, good service and a cool vibe – it even has a pinball machine! I heard that it was packed to the rafters until the wee hours on its first night. Congrats to all involved.

In other news, Lunar Startups has a new cohort! Check out more info on them below. It’s another great collection of startups in downtown Saint Paul. Enjoy the spring weather this weekend, and continue to be kind and helpful to our visitors here for the hockey tournament!

See you all around (down)town,

Joe Spencer
The Saint Paul Downtown Alliance
With Matte Bakke, general manager, and Graham Messenger, head chef, of Pillbox Tavern.
Lunar Startups welcomes new cohort
Lunar Startups, located within the Glen Nelson Center of Osborn370, will welcome it's newest and largest cohort on Monday. The innovation incubator has already matriculated two previous cohorts since opening in late 2018. This bunch of 15 entrepreneurs are working on everything from vegan baking mixes to smart tech to drive student success and retention. Welcome downtown to the entire cohort!

Is your artistic vision 20/20?
Union Depot is currently accepting submissions for a larger than life 3D selfie statue in its entryway. The massive 2020 selfie spot will greet visitors as they make their way through the station. Send in your best ideas or share with someone you know who's always doodling during meetings -- applications are due March 24.

Downtown Saint Paul in the news 
Events coming up around Downtown Saint Paul
The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society | March 9, Park Square Theatre

The Lumineers III World Tour | March 13, Xcel Energy Center

LuckyPalooza on West 7th | March 14, West 7th Street
Now open downtown
400 Wabasha Street North
30 East &7th Street, Skyway
289 East Fifth Street
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Cover photo by Jeff Schad .