News from the Downtown Alliance
July 12, 2018
A note from the president
Hey friends,

This is an exciting week in downtown Saint Paul. We celebrated a burgeoning software company's new space in Osborn370, and we have passionate entrepreneurs showcasing their innovative products made right here in our community at the Ordway tonight. Add in a new Ramsey County manager and an Iron Chef America champion, and I have to say I'm feeling quite proud to be a Saint Paulite. Read on to learn more!

See you all around (down)town,

Joe Spencer
The Saint Paul Downtown Alliance
Minnedemo comes to the Ordway
Minnedemo is making its way to downtown Saint Paul tonight at 6:00 p.m. This innovative show and tell allows entrepreneurs to showcase technology products made in Minnesota through seven-minute demos. The event brings together innovators, investors and leaders in the tech world. Real, working technology is required and no PowerPoint slides are allowed! Minnedemo has not been held in Saint Paul for over a decade, and efforts such as the Full Stack Saint Paul initiative have been working hard to bring these kinds of events here to showcase everything Saint Paul and its talented entrepreneurs have to offer.

Structural joins the downtown community
On Monday, Structural officially opened the doors of its new downtown Saint Paul space at Osborn370. Founded by former founder and CEO of GovDelivery Scott Burns, Structural is a software firm that uses data to help employers match the right personnel with tasks and projects. They recently raised $2.5 million, bringing their total investments to $5 million.

Ramsey County's new county manager
Congratulations to Ryan O'Connor, who was chosen last week to be the next Ramsey County manager. Ryan has served as a deputy county manager since 2016, heading up the Health and Wellness Service Team. The appointment comes after County Manager Julie Kleinschmidt announced her retirement after almost a decade in the position.

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