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eNews #264
News from TOM's Foundation
8th September 2021
Events & Exhibitions
9th September
Berlin, Germany
In celebration of 101 years of Tom of Finland, the music in this year’s concert will all be connected with Tom's life. The program includes works by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and others.
Opens 9th September
Boston, USA
This exhibition connects past and present artistic expressions of Queer experience, spanning the arc of Queer history, from taboo, to revolutionary, to accepted and celebrated, featuring works by contemporary LGBTQ+ artists alongside their historical antecedents.
Even though model Race Cooper is an exercise enthusiast that doesn’t mean you have to work out. Well, with your own tools, you do...
Through 17th September
New York, USA
The New York art gallery/concept store that specializes in work by iconic artists and contemporary designers has mounted an exhibition celebrating the work of LGBTQIA+ artists, designers and their allies.
19th September
Los Angeles, USA
NEW DATE! Check out the event page for more information and how to purchase the special fine art print.
Through 21st September
The integration of Tom of Finland’s work into the media at hand was ignited by the unique environment and interior elements of TOM House.
Through 26th September
Tampere, Finland
Bringing together TOM's artwork owned by TOM’s Club and made by its members from different decades. The club was founded in 1976 and is a Finnish fetish men’s club that has been bringing together men who are aroused by various fetishes for decades.
15th - 16th October
Los Angeles, USA
NEW Dates. Choose Your Feast: Friday or Saturday, 8p, 50 diners an evening. Get on the waitlist - six tickets left for Friday and one for Saturday.
Through 14th November
Barcelona, Spain
One aspect of the history of sailing that is most commonly shrouded in silence is the sexuality of the men who spent days, months and even years aboard ships, confined to very small spaces where privacy was almost non-existent.
News & Announcements
As a gallerist, Kordansky has been instrumental in transforming L.A. into an art world capital. The Los Feliz home he shares with his family is a reflection of his creative passion.
A big, big thanks to everyone supporting TOM's Foundation. Sex Profiteers are AMAZING. Look for those membership cards coming your way…
Learn more about how you can maintain the legacy of Tom of Finland.
Since 2014, the fee independent Paris-based brand focuses on the relationship between sex and positivity to allow people to embrace their sexuality and kinks through their clothes.
“Here at the Michael Kirwan Memorial Archive(s) & Bathhouse, we like to drink and enjoy art while drinking. Newest edition to the bar - Noel Dahl's Reading with Tom.”
As part of our commitment to protect, preserve and promote erotic art for three and a half decades, Tom's Foundation is making online galleries of our erotic art collection available to the public. Patrons of The World of TOM will receive the first look.
Happy 45th to our closest friends!

"While younger members often lost their energy in the course of the night, Tom had the energy to party until the early morning."
“We are really proud to present you our collaboration with Tom of Finland. Master of homoerotic arts, Tom was always a huge inspiration for Carne Bollente.”
On the occasion of the artist’s birth 101 years ago, Fotografiska produced an exhibition with programming AND a killer closing party with BOUND NY - enjoy the quintessential face of the New York underground arts community!
Where did those two red dildos disappear after the Ilkka-Pohjalainen reported on the discovery? According to sexual therapist Jussi Nissinen, sex in the forest is associated with a certain kind of exoticism, which can further increase the desire for sex.
As a sexually oppressed young man in the 1940s, it was not until the Russo-Finnish war and the German defense of Finland that Tom had his first physical encounters with the military-uniformed men that would forever be engrained in his sexual mythology.
We are not just here for Tom as an artist, but for all erotic artists to be able to express themselves as creative people as well as sexual beings. We invite you to be a part of our artist community of supporters.

As an Artist, you become a part of the Tom of Finland family of erotic artists.
As we always have, we continue to create public programming that protects, preserves, and promotes erotic art, broadening our global scope by becoming more online.

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