It’s often been said that the single most important element of SCMA is the membership – YOU, and the network of friends and colleagues across the five states that contribute to each other’s personal and professional successes. I hope everyone inside the SCMA understands that our association is something you can count on now more than ever! I hope as you enter the holiday season that you take time to read through the newsletter to see how the association is evolving right before your eyes. From time to time, we will show variations of the newsletter to broaden everyone’s knowledge of areas that impact not only concrete masonry but also our industry. We all can agree that the more educated we are on the subject the better it helps all of us understand the changing landscape. The SCMA continues to evolve and I truly feel it is a positive reflection of the diversity we have in our association today.  

James Cain, SCMA President
For more information, please contact James Cain at 704-352-6831 or