Wow! I am extremely proud to see how this association has grown together over the last two years. To say things are busy is an understatement in 2021! One of my great mentors would always say, "Champions are on the field and accountable for the end result." I genuinely believe we will be on the field daily to move this great industry forward. We can't do this with one person or one company, but collectively as Champions, we move mountains, and it all starts with each of our members. It is the grassroots efforts of our members that will drive ongoing efforts for the membership.

So, it brings me great excitement to launch a promotion tool for our members. The new SCMA Newsletter will keep our members informed of the activities within the five states. With over 900 individuals in SCMA membership, this informative resource will go out quarterly to help keep you abreast of our efforts.

Our first issue gives a high-level view of the tools and resources available to our members. It is all about keeping you informed! Future editions will give a deeper insight into our efforts like the Soaring Wood Prices Initiative, our 20+ Universities Projects, and our 40+ AIA, CSI, and SEA chapter strategic partnership efforts. They are many moving parts, but we must stay aggressive in all we do!

I want to say thank you to the 75+ individuals who devote their expertise, time, and energy to the nine SCMA committees! These individuals are producer and associate members and are the true Champions of the SCMA!

Remember, we all can be Champions on the Field! If you're not involved today, then get involved! This is YOUR Association. May God bless you and your family!

- James Cain
Checkout the future topics we’ll cover from Challenging Wood Series, Leveraging Social Media, University Engagement, Residential Masonry Framed Homes, SCMA Engineering and Architectural Scholarships and more! 

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