During the Fall Semester, Irene and Frank attended the Humanities 101 course offered at Trent University.

Humanities 101 is a 10-week, not-for-credit multi-disciplinary course offering classes in humanities and social sciences. Students attend classes each week for two hours (one hour of lecture and one hour of seminar-style discussion). Each week will bring a new topic and new instructor.

The theme of Humanities 101 this semester was "Concept of Home". Students had the opportunity to participate in discussions about 'The History of Comics', 'Power, Politics, and English Grammar', learning from stories, 'Psychological perspectives on narrative identities and stories of home', 'Conflict Management' and 'Home. Public Places and Private Spaces'.

The intent of the program is to provide access to higher education to those in the Durham Region who might face barriers and also to provide the community with opportunities for lifelong learning. The courses are taught by Professors who volunteer their time and the administration is coordinated by a committee of dedicated Trent staff.

Both Frank and Irene enjoyed the classes, and are thinking of returning to Trent to participate in another round of Humanities 101.