Wow! It feels like I barely blinked after summer and now the holiday season is upon us. Life at CLOC seems to get busier as each year goes by!
As you will see when reading through this newsletter, and enjoying the photos, there has been SO much going on within the organization over the past several months, and we are always happy to bring you those stories and updates. We love to celebrate the milestones and achievements of people receiving services and employees alike at CLOC, and hope that you will continue sharing all of the wonderful stories and photographs with us.
As we enter into the holiday season, we revel in many important traditions. Story telling is one of those important traditions. Society is shaped by the knowledge, and lessons learned from previous generations. Great stories help us to reflect on the good and bad in our world and inspires us to be better people. The main reasons story telling is so important is that it gives insight, teaches, and inspires that everyday actions change the world.  We endeavor to keep telling you stories of kindness, growth, achievement, empowerment and inclusion that help to shape the future we dream of where everyone works, participates, succeeds and flourishes in our community.   
Wishing you warmth and magic over the holiday season,

Terri Gray
Executive Director
CLOC Scavenger Hunt - July 2019
During a week mid-July, CLOC employees could be found scurrying around the community, seeking out clues and pulling together some pretty miraculous photography stunts, all in the name of CLOC's annual Scavenger Hunt. On the final day of the event, participants brought in what their teams had collected of the 66 clues (for 66 years of CLOC, of course!), ate a lovely BBQ lunch, and then proceeded to beat each other down in the final challenges.... the Wedding March (complete with beautiful bouquets of dandelions)....
And.... the 'Git Up'

Disclaimer: We swear there was nothing in those red solo cups!
Those hippies are out of control!!

In the end, it was Team Hen Peck'd (including Executive Director Terri Gray's funky dance moves) that won the day!
Hen Peck'd team members: Leslie, Bev, Terri, Rakesh & Cheryl accept the trophy on their team's behalf.
20th Annual CLOC Family Picnic - August 2019
For the past 20 years, the Oshawa West Lions Club has been putting on the CLOC Family Picnic, bringing together the people who receive services from CLOC and their families, along with employees and their families, to enjoy a sunny summer day. Hosted at Windreach Farm, the picnic was filled with laughter and smiles as people took hay rides, kids rode ponies and jumped in the jumping castle, and the Lions cooked up a BBQ feast. The animals at the farm are always the highlight of the day for everyone who attends.

The 21st Annual Picnic will be held on Saturday August 8th at WindReach Farm
Annual Garden Competition - August 2019
CLOC's Annual Garden Competition was in full bloom again this summer, with many of our locations and the green thumbs who live, work or take part in activities there, rolling up their sleeves and digging deep to make the outdoor landscapes beautiful! Here are some photos of this year's garden entries.
King Street
425 Adelaide
Wilson Up & Down
Marland #118
Enfield - SM
Enfield - Main
Most Original/Creative Garden
Marland #109
Best Container/Patio Garden
43 Wellington
Most Original/Creative Garden
Marland #119
Most Colourful Garden
Enfield - CS
Best Sustainable Garden
Share Those Good News Stories!
Everyone loves to hear good news..... it makes us smile :) And if we have been able to be part of making the good news happen in any way, it reinforces to us that we are doing good things, and that our hard work is worthwhile and making a difference. It is important for people to tell their stories on how they are achieving their goals in order to not only celebrate, but also to inspire others to reach higher and dream bigger.  At CLOC, we celebrate the good news in the lives of the people we serve, and the achievements of our employees, by sharing pictures and stories. But not everyone has the time or inclination to write a story. We can help!!
We have several staff members who would love to come out and meet with the people CLOC serves and CLOC employees to help YOU create stories that can be shared in newsletters, on social media and within CLOC's Annual Report.
What kind of stories are we interested in? The sky is the limit! It could be about achieving a goal, overcoming a challenge, growth and stories about how people are living good lives, and being included in their community in real and meaningful ways.  Has the person you provide services to done something positive for their peers or the community? Do they have a job or volunteer? Help them tell their story.
Don't forget the photos! Taking pictures is a great way to document the positive activities taking place around you. You may not feel you have enough for a story, but, as the old expression goes, 'a picture says 1000 words'. Send over your photos with a brief description of what they are about and we can include those in CLOC's publications, as well.
Permissions.... an important necessity. Why do we need to ask permission to share a person's name, photo or story? Because it is the lawful and respectful thing to do prior to sharing information about a person. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their story no matter how inspiring it may be. Seeking consent ensures people have choice, are aware and give permission about where the photos/stories will be used, when they will be published, and gives them the opportunity to decide if they approve. 
If you have stories or photos that you would like to see in an upcoming CLOC publication, please submit them to Marnie at [email protected] .

OR.... If you would like to speak with someone about putting a story to gether, connect with Wendy Shaw at 905-576-3011 x330 or [email protected] , and she will make the necessary arrangements. 

We look forward to sharing more of your GREAT NEWS!
It's the Little Things....
Submitted by Stacey Austin & Gad T.
43 Wellington had been to Black Creek Pioneer Village on a guided tour.

While on this trip, Gad T. approached Stacey Austin with a brochure in hand. Gad was extremely excited that he had found this particular brochure. It was for Indian River Reptile Zoo. Gad is a HUGE dinosaur lover. He really wanted to visit this reptile zoo!

The next day, the staff at 43 Wellington began planning this trip. We planned to go on September 17th. Ten people and two staff went from 43 Wellington, and Amanda and her staff, Sherri, from 1200 Simcoe also joined in on the fun. It was such a beautiful day! Mother Nature must have known we were going.

It was a long drive, but we got there just before lunch. We sat outside and had a picnic before going to see all the sites. Gad's smile was HUGE the entire day. He was so excited to share the place he had found with his friends, all while surrounded by his favourite creatures.

Gad is a very quiet guy, and sought out staff to make this trip happen for him. It does not always have to be the big things that make a difference in a person's life.

A BIG THANK YOU to Patrick and Coreen, and their staff Haley, who let us borrow their van for the day.

TEAMWORK makes the dream work!!

Editor's note: Thanks to Stacey and Gad for sharing this story with us. Not only did Gad achieve a dream, but the staff from 43 Wellington worked together with staff across the organization to ensure that people from other locations had the opportunity to participate in the trip, and one of CLOC's group home locations was kind enough to give up their van for the day so many people could visit the Zoo. Great work everyone!
66th Annual General Meeting -
September 2019
CLOC held its 66th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 17, 2019 at Kedron Dells Golf Club. The event was MC'd by CLOC's biggest fan, the comical Dan Walters. Throughout the evening, CLOC conducted business, distributed awards, and voted in a new Board of Directors. Keynote speakers were Board President of People First Canada, Kory Earle, and Board President of People First Ontario, Steph Paul.
Check out the slideshow from the AGM!
Suzanne Nobes, who has worked for CLOC for more than 40 years, was the winner of the Mark Forgette Award for Employee of the Year.

The winners of the President's Award were the employees that work within
CLOC's Scheduling - On Call Department; Doris Maniacco, Julie Boucher, Geneen Brown, Roxy Webber, Craig Nighbor and Tina Hubley.
The award plaque hangs outside the Scheduling office at 39 Wellington.
The Team heads to the President's Award Dinner.

Back (l to r): JC Legault, Roxy Webber, Julie Boucher,
Geneen Brown, Doris Maniacco
Front (l to r): Executive Director, Terri Gray, Tina Hubley

Missing from photo: Craig Nighbor (though we secretly think that might be him with the grumpy face in the top right corner!)

A Day in the Life of a Scheduling Department Employee at CLOC

I started my day
Like everyone else
I put on my socks and my shoes

I got in the car
And drove it away
I headed to work just like yous (ewes)

You wouldn't believe
What awaited me there
The shock and surprise of it all

A mountain of paper
And endless voicemail
I fell to my knees and I crawl

I started to count
On my fingers and toes
And ran out of digits real fast

So I called in my team
And removed all their shoes
To continue to count to the last

The horror and fear
When the tally was done
There were 80+ shifts to fulfil

It was then I decided
To plow through it all
To test my most powerful will

And though its a blur
At the end of the day
With the help of so many around

The 80+ shifts
Had been suitably filled
And each vacancy need had been found

It wasn't until
That first bottle of wine
Had been wrung of its very last drop

That I notice alas
I was home and in bed
And I succeeded on top
Introducing CLOC's Board of Directors for 2019/2020
Jean-Claude (JC) Legault
JC joined CLOC in 2009 as a volunteer, and has been on the Board of Directors for 7 years. He continues volunteering by providing music therapy at 3 Day Programs, and accompanies the Clarington Project swimmers weekly. He has been a member of the Policy and Finance committees, as well as second and first Vice President of CLOC’s Board of Directors.

Retired in 2009, JC spent a successful career with Bell Canada Realty Management and Logistics departments. He enjoys his home life with his wife Elaine, their 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

In addition to his volunteer work with CLOC, JC continues to be involved with the Knights of Columbus as Past-Grand Knight, Team Leader of youth and scholastic activities, and is the current Chairman of the Ontario KofC Substance Abuse Awareness program. He is active in his parish and choir, Meals on Wheels, and is an actor of Trait-d’Union, a French community theatre group. JC is past Chairman of the Northern Ontario Canadian Paraplegic Association, and past President of the Club Optimiste de Durham.
Mac Moreau
1st Vice President
Mac comes to CLOC with a very personal, passionate and forward-thinking perspective. Educated in business management and finance, Mac is a senior manager in the developmental service industry, responsible for the oversight of over 175,000 sq. ft. of DS facilities.

Mac has been a long-time advocate for CLOC and various other groups, initiating programs, providing access and resources, and advocating for diversity.
Catherine Garacci
2nd Vice President & Chair of Policy Committee
Catherine is currently employed as a Probation Officer for the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, where she has worked for the past 25 years. During this time, Catherine has held a variety of positions within Youth Justice including Volunteer Coordinator, Operational Program Analyst and YCJA Trainer for the Central East Region. Prior to working with the Ministry, Catherine was employed for several years with CLOC as a supervisor, and later as the Manager of the Supported Employment Program.

As the family member of a person with a developmental disability, Catherine has a strong interest in working with families, and has taken the lead in facilitating many of CLOC’s family/membership meetings.
Joel Yelle
Treasurer & Chair of Finance Committee
Joel is a Financial Planner at RBC. He has served as an active committee member on the CLOC May Gala Planning Committee, and currently advises as part of CLOC's Fundraising Cabinet. Joel also serves as a Board member for the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington. Through workng at RBC, Joel has been a multi-year supporter of the Firehouse Youth Centre in Clarington (charity fundraising BBQ, Mics on Fire/Battle of the Bands). He is an annual participant in the Heart and Stroke Big Bike ride, as well as an annual participant in the Port Perry Polar Bear Plunge. Joel lives in Bowmanville with his wife & 3 young children, 2 boys and a girl. He also volunteers his time and assists in coaching lacrosse for his two boys.

Joel believes that CLOC is a great organization and feels strongly about CLOC’s vision to support the achievement of personal outcomes of individuals with developmental disabilities.
Krystal Manitius
Secretary, Chair of PQE/RM Committee
Krystal is a Criminal Defense practitioner as a trial and appeal lawyer in Toronto. Over the years she has been a strong supporter and volunteer within her community. Throughout High School, University and Law School, Krystal has amassed a long list of awards and volunteer appreciation.

As Krystal continues to give back to her community, she is on the Durham Lawyers Association Board of Directors, volunteers with PLEC by acting as a mooting/mock trial coach for O’Neil High School, as well as a judge at various mooting/mock trial competitions. She also speaks at high schools throughout Durham Region on the practice of law and “knowing your rights”. Her extensive experience with the vulnerable sector has brought her to volunteer with CLOC.
Kay Corbier
Professor, Developmental Services Worker Program, Durham College

Kay Corbier joined Durham College in 2012 as a professor in the School of Health and Community Services and she teaches in the Developmental Services Worker program. Kay currently chairs the Research Ethics Board for Durham College. Prior to coming to teach at Durham College, Kay spent over 30 years working in the Developmental Services sector. During that time, Kay held various senior management roles such as Director of Operations, Director Human Resources, and Executive Director.

Kay holds a Master of Education Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto, and completed the Teaching Certificate at Durham College.
Frank Cormier
Frank Cormier is a non-profit management and finance professional. A native of Oshawa, Frank studied at Durham College, the University of Toronto, and is continuing his education at Thompson Rivers University.

Frank has significant experience in the property management and finance fields, currently working as a project manager for a large-scale contracting firm in York region. 

An avid volunteer, Frank engages as a consultant for various charities entrusted with historically-significant buildings in the Greater Toronto Hamilton area (GTHA), while maintaining a consulting firm that focuses on operational and capital finance for a variety of not-for-profits and charities in the GTHA.

A lifelong advocate for equity of all persons, Frank is excited to offer his expertise in governance, finance, and operations to CLOC.
Darlene Day
Darlene has been part of CLOC's services for several decades. While she was raising her two children, Darlene volunteered as both a classroom and lunch room supervisor at an elementary school, and with seniors at the Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre.

Darlene currently volunteers as a coach for Challenge League baseball and soccer. Now that her children are adults and Darlene is a grandmother, she is giving back to CLOC by acting as an advocate for the organization and for people with developmental disabilities. She can be found volunteering at events and participating in public speaking engagements. Currently, Darlene serves as Vice Chair of the Fundraising Cabinet.

Darlene would like to give back to CLOC for the support provided to her over the years, and she would like to represent people with disabilities on the Board because she feels she is able to speak on their behalf and has an understanding of what people with disabilities experience on a daily basis.
Amber Derby
New to CLOC's Board, Amber works as the Director of Sales at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Downtown Oshawa.

She runs annual food and clothing drives, has volunteered at the Humane Society of Durham, organized workplace food sorting events at the Daily Bread Food Bank, and has been involved with meal service at the St. Vincent’s Kitchen and Back-Door Mission. On behalf of the Holiday Inn Express Amber raised $1000 in funds to have three free community BBQ’s with the Back-Door Mission to support this outreach program.

Amber supports the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce and Oshawa Downtown BIA by sitting on multiple committees. As a vegetarian for twenty-two years, Amber advocates for animal rights and acts as a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Her vision is aligned with the mission and vision of CLOC, as Amber believes that all people with developmental disabilities should receive equal opportunities to live a full, successful and happy life.
Ed Farragher
Ed's volunteer time with CLOC dates back some 15 years. During this period, my respect and admiration for the organization and the professional and dedicated work of all staff has continued to grow. I consider it a privilege to be associated with such a socially responsible, meaningful and contributing organization.

Ed's first involvement with CLOC was as a member of the Board of Directors, and he has since served on the Board for two additional terms. Additionally, he has both Chaired and served on the Finance and Policy Committees.

Ed's other volunteer activities include serving as member of the Board of the Oshawa Golf and Curling Club and several of its committees, and for many years, Ed has been the head Coach of the Oshawa Kicks Women’s Representative Soccer team currently playing in the Ontario Women’s Soccer League.

In his former work life, Ed was a senior executive with the Ontario Ministry of Finance, where he held the positions of Interim Executive Director, Administration and Finance and Director of Human Resources and Labour Relations prior to his retirement. I started my career as a teacher before entering the human resources field.

Ed and his wife Lorraine and I have five adult children and three beautiful grand-children who are the loves of their lives.
Julia Fineczko
Newly appointed to CLOC's Board, Julia is a seasoned healthcare provider and leader.

Julia has an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of caring for people with developmental disabilities, and the need for cross sectoral collaboration in order to provide the best care. CLOC's focus on peoples' individual strengths, self-determination and inclusion alight with her personal values and beliefs.

Julia has a reputation for being a strong leader that is reliable, results driven, collaborative and authentic, and she looks forward to using these qualities in her work on CLOC's Board of Directors.
Wayne Klinowski
Chair of Governance Committee
Wayne has been a resident of Durham Region for over 35 years with his wife and two sons. Retired from a long career at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, he has been active in the local community, canvassing for the Kidney Foundation and was Secretary on the Board of Directors for Our Home Project for Community Livings.

Wayne’s youngest son Mark, was born with cerebral palsy and lived with his parents until he was 13 years old. At that time Mark went to live in the community at Pinecrest which is run by CLOC, where he has spent the last twenty years greatly enjoying life.

Wayne brings a wealth of experience to CLOC’s Board of Directors, from both his work at Pickering Nuclear Station and parenting his son at home and in a group home setting. Wayne looks forward to many years with CLOC helping to make the future better for all involved.
Amanda Willett
Appointed to the Board, Amanda Willett comes to CLOC with 20 + years of diverse experience working in both public and private sectors. She is a change-maker, with a background in business, human development, wellness and trauma recovery.

As a transformational leader, speaker, and SHE RECOVERS Coach, Amanda is personally, committed to anti-oppressive education, women centered advocacy and community outreach to end all forms of violence against women and children. She is passionate about educating others on the after-effects of post-traumatic stress and its impact on our health over a lifetime.

Amanda's dedication to improving the lives of people, especially those within vulnerable populations, has brought her to volunteering at CLOC.
100 Men of Oshawa
In September, Manager of Resource Development & Public Relations, Marnie Salonius, and advocate Darlene Day presented a proposal to the 100 Men of Oshawa group for accessibility renovations in one of CLOC's group homes. Although CLOC wasn't successful in receiving the funds from the meeting that evening, it gave the organization some great exposure in the community, and Marnie and Darlene were able to make several connections with business owners that are willing to assist CLOC in other ways.

CLOC looks forward to the next time we are called to present a project that needs funding to this amazing group of community-minded gentlemen!
An Irish Cowboy:
The Story of Patrick and Callie
Submitted by: Haley & Patrick
Patrick has always loved horses. They are one of his favourite things to talk about, apart from trucks and Inspector Gadget. It was a natural fit for him to choose therapeutic horseback riding as one of his goals and he recently achieved what he set out to do!

After a difficult year that included a move to a new home, and some physical and health challenges, including a hospitalization, Patrick was in need of a boost. After all of all this he has been working very hard with his support worker, Haley, to overcome the challenges he experienced this year and work towards his goal to have more meaningful activities and be included in the community. 

In order to work toward his goal, Patrick completed the first of ten weeks of therapeutic horseback riding at Windreach Farm. Loving horses and riding them are two very different things, and at first Patrick was afraid of the beautiful brown mare named Callie, at first. But with some encouragement from his cheering section and reassurance from his supporters that he wouldn’t go “kaboof!” off the horse, he found the courage to “cowboy up!” and enjoyed a very successful first ride. By the end of the hour they spent together, Callie was responding to Patrick’s commands of “walk”, “whoa”, and the traditional tongue click to get her to trot. The calm demeanour of Callie certainly helped Patrick to relax and we are thankful to Windreach Farm for this wonderful opportunity for Patrick to live out a life long dream.

Patrick will continue to build confidence over the nine week program, and I’m sure by the end of this term he’ll be riding off into the sunset with new his favourite girl, Callie.
Zoo to You at The Clarington Project
On September 26, 'Zoo to You' visited The Clarington Project so people could get up close and personal with a variety of different animals including a sugar glider, tortoise, tree frog, gecko, snake, chameleon, house hippo, rabbit, chinchilla, hedgehog and ferrets. An exciting time was had by all, and handling the animals was an excellent sensory and self-regulation activity.
Halloween at Wellington!
Clarington Project - Pub'N'Grub
On October 5th, The Clarington Project held a fun new fundraiser called the Pub 'N' Grub at The Courtyard in Courtice, to coincide with the Toronto Maple Leafs first home game against the Montreal Canadians. Only 100 tickets were made available, and they sold out to Clarington Project families almost immediately! The event was sponsored by realtor Dianna Mandzuk, and an auction was held for several signed Toronto Maple Leafs Jerseys, 2 booze bags, and more! By the end of the evening, over $8500 was raised. Congratulations to the Clarington Project, and thank you to everyone that came out to support the event. A big shout out goes to Monica and Una, the Clarington Project staff who coordinated the evening.
The Dallaires, Nobes and Pratas enjoy the evening (it was also Karen Dallaire's birthday!)
Executive Director, Terri Gray, and Kim, who is a member of the Clarington Project
John, Terri and Courtney having a great time!
Organizers Monica & Una, with birthday girl Karen Dallaire, Board President JC Legault and the winners of one of the prizes.
Launch of 'My Life. My Community. My Way.' Campaign to the Business Community
On November 6th, CLOC's new 'My Life. My Community. My Way.' Campaign was launched at Landmark Cinemas to the local business community.
We appreciate that MP-Elect Ryan Turnbull, and Rob Morton, a representative of MPP Lorne Coe's office, took the time out of their busy day to attend and address the audience at the Launch.
MC Stephanie Herrera
Just in case you've missed it, please check out the Campaign video below!
To make a donation to the Campaign, please click here .
Community Engagement
Photo courtesy of the Clarington Board of Trade & Economic Development Office - 2019 Economic Development Summit
Over the past few months, CLOC employees have been out and about in the community, engaging with community members in new ways, so we can raise the profile of Community Living Oshawa/Clarington within the geographical areas that we serve. These events serve as a way to get to know our community, make connections and provide feedback from a CLOC point of view on any upcoming actions.

In September, Una Schlievert ( Coordinator, Community Relations & Volunteers at the Clarington Project) and Joel Yelle ( Treasurer, CLOC's Board of Directors ) attended the Clarington Mayor's Address, where they learned that more low income housing for Clarington is in the works. They also found out that the GO Train location for Bowmanville has yet to be finalized, and that the Bowmanville Hospital expansion will be starting soon.
Also in September, Executive Director Terri Gray, and new Board President JC Legault, attended the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. This was JC's first official act as President. Don't they clean up nicely!!

In October, CLOC was featured as the Not-For-Profit Spotlight in the Clarington Board of Trade & Office of Economic Development's Monthly Newsletter.

Marnie Salonius, Manager of Resource Development & Public Relations, attended the Clarington Economic Summit on November 20th, to learn about the new opportunities coming to Clarington for business partnerships. Much of the day was focused on agriculture-based business – hemp, legal marijuana growers and apples, along with the opportunities for the community as OPG moves their main offices to the area. There were several areas of opportunity identified for CLOC, including fundraising, employment for the people we serve, and connecting to potential new employees and placement students.
Professional Wrestler Cody Deaner Visits CLOC!
On November 18th, Professional Wrestler Cody Deaner came to CLOC to dare us all to DREAM BIG! Cody spent more than an hour taking photos and signing autographs before giving his presentation. After hearing about CLOC's 'My Life. My Community. My Way.' Campaign earlier in the fall, Cody offered to designate the funds he raised through his 'Give'r For Charity' Campaign to CLOC for the months of October, November and December. What an amazing community leader! Thank you, Cody, for everything that you do. Watch for details about the big cheque presentation in January.
The Clarington Project's Talent Showcase
Is there a better way to learn to work as a team, share creative ideas, and project to an audience than to put on a Talent Showcase? The last time the Clarington Project put their talents to the test, most of the performances were done individually. This time, we challenged our performers to work in teams! And they did an amazing job! There was singing, dancing, poetry reciting and even a choreographed sword fight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style! Check out some photos, and a short video of the Grand Finale, which got all the families involved, as well.
The room was filled with celebrity performers that day!

Left column, top to bottom: Michael Jackson, Pocahontas & the 'Colours of the Wind', the sword fighters, Two Little Monkeys
Right column, top to bottom: The rappers, Sonny & Cher, 'Mama Mia!', a vampire & Elsa sing 'Let It Go', and somehow CLOC's Board President JC ended up being dressed in a floppy hat and scarf during one of the performances!
Craft Day at 43 Wellington
In early November, a group of crafters at 43 Wellington began preparations for their holiday decorating
by creating these beautiful holiday ornaments
many of which were hung on the stunning tree that sits in the front lobby of the building! Beautiful work!
Joe Retires from 39 Access Centre
On November 13th, everyone gathered for coffee with Joe on his last day at the 39 Access Centre.
Written by: Wendy Grindrod and Monique Richards (with a little help from Wendy Shaw) 
Let’s take a trip down memory lane. To a simpler time when dreams were just dreams and we didn’t always expect them to come true.

 In the early 1970’s EVERYONE was watching Soap Operas. There were a handful of them that you could tune into every weekday afternoon on your TV to find out who did what to whom? And why? And where? And your heart would sink and soar as each episode unveiled the story. Your heroes became villains, who died and came back to life, and married more times than was possible, but did it anyway – sometimes to the same person, and their husband’s brother, and their wife’s sister, and the guy next door who was his ½ sister. And then that 9-year old boy on Friday was coming home from University on Monday to join the family business. What a whirlwind!!! There is an entire generation who lived and loved with those characters every single day. And many who still do. 

I’d like you to meet Karen; She’s feisty and knows what she wants! And for the past 40-some years she’s been wanting Victor Newman from the Young and the Restless. As the saying goes……’Good things come to those who wait’.   
On Sunday, November 3, 2019, Karen had an amazing opportunity to meet the one and only Victor Newman from The Young and the Restless

Karen absolutely adores Victor, and has for the many decades that she has watched the show EVERY day at 4pm. This is it! It’s a dream come true! What do you do? How do you prepare? The drama! The emotion! The suspense!

In preparation, Karen wore a beautiful outfit and got a haircut so she could look her best for Victor.

Imagine her excitement driving to Uxbridge, knowing that soon she would meet the man of her dreams. Finally! The wait! The anticipation! It would all be over!!!

When Victor arrived, Karen clapped with all of his other fans expressing her delight in seeing Mr. Newman. She patiently waited in line for two long hours; with all the other, Victor-crazed fans.

Once she finally met him, she was in awe, looking up at him repeating in excitement, “Victor, Victor, Victor”! He shook her hand and her excitement grew. Her smile stretched ear to ear and lit up the room. Victor showed his kind and patient nature while meeting Karen. He repeatedly expressed his concern asking how she was and if she needed anything to make her more comfortable (starstruck hysteria you know). He knew the long wait had had an adverse effect on his many fans. Karen was shortly in the spotlight with her man and had several pictures taken with him so she could treasure that moment forever.
Just like in her dreams, Karen danced away with the man of dreams, in her mind. Like so many dreams, even the ones that come true, we must soldier on so Karen headed to another area for a buffet lunch. She also went on an hour-long autumn train ride and received a beautiful red carnation at the end of the ride. This was a spectacular day for Karen and the memories will be with her for a lifetime.

Karen is planning to be reunited with her favourite star Victor again next year when she will get a chance to meet five other Young and the Restless stars, as well, making for another exciting and memorable trip to the city.

A big thank you to Uxbridge Heritage Railway for being so accommodating as Karen received the royal treatment, including her own chair and water while she waited endlessly for her dream to come true. 
Holiday Door Decorating
It has been great to see all of the creativity that has gone into the door decorating for the holidays. Here are some of the photos!
Out & About with Andy
Happiness is....

Getting out in the sunshine on a warm summer day at Lakeview Park, and enjoying a little bit of lunch.

Thanks to Nicola for submitting these photos.
Social Media
Don't forget that you can connect and get the latest in news from CLOC by checking out our Social Media pages. Please encourage the people who receive services, their families, and anyone else you know to connect with CLOC via social media, as well. Click below to transport to CLOC's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and YouTube profiles, along with CLOC's brand new website.