Hello COG Family! I pray your week is going well. The COG family has been busy with numerous activities and happenings over the last two weeks. We also have a lot of upcoming events as well. I pray you take the time to invest in these opportunities provided to get plugged in with the various groups at COG.

In the Spotlight this week, we have a letter from Pastor J. He gives us insight on the week that our youth spent at Falls Creek in mid July. Thank you to Pastor J and his team that take care of our youth group.

Please see below to keep up to date on COG activities. Reach out if you have questions or want more information.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Pastor Chris
Upcoming Events
Communion will be observed on August 18th during service.

Bless Every Home: Pastor Joel encourages you to sign-up and start praying for your immediate neighbors. This is a great tool that will provide email reminders and suggestions on how to pray over your neighbors by name.

Rock the Reservoir: We will have our annual Aurora Reservoir BBQ event on August 4th starting at 12 pm at the Pikes Peak Pavilion . Last names beginning with A-H bring a side dish to share and I-Z bring chips or a dessert. If you wish to be baptized at this event, reach out to Pastor Chris or Pastor Joel .

New Members Class: If you have been attending COG for a while and want to learn more about what it means to be a member, your opportunity is on August 5th at 6:30 pm in Pastor Joel's office. Child care will be provided if needed. Sign up at the Get Connected table in the back of the sanctuary.

Annual COG Musical: The theme this year is "Musicals at the Movies" with shows on August 9th and 10th in the north building. Theater snack foods will be provided along with drinks. Sign up at the Get Connected table in the back of the sanctuary or reach out to Dawn Gillan .

Colorado Rockies Faith Day: The Rockies Faith Day is on August 18th at 1:10 pm. A concert by Kari Jobe will follow the game. Tickets are $20 per person and we have a limited number. Sign up soon at the Get Connected table in the back of the sanctuary or reach out to Jeff Drury if you have questions. Make checks out to COG and put Rockies Faith Day on the memo line.

Camp Out at Long Scraggy: The annual camping trip will be August 30th - September 2nd at Long Scraggy Ranch . Details can be found at the Get Connected table in the back of the sanctuary or reach out to William and Amy Fabrizio or call them at 720.469.9927. Please get deposits in to the Fabrizios.

More event information can be found on our website .
Recurring Events
Men: Tuesday Bible Study at 6 am in Joel's office.
Friday Bible Study at 6 am at Carino Coffee .
Women: Thursday Bible Study at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm in the North Building.
Friday Bible Study at 9:30 am at Carino Coffee .
Student Ministry: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in the South Building.
Olin Ministry: Saturday meal rotation. Contact Missy Noel @ 720.373.0216.
Prayer Ministry: Sundays at 8:30 am in the South Building.
COG Celebrations
Women's Ministry
The ladies of COG host monthly events to encourage fellowship time. On July 20th nine of the ladies met at Mama Louise's Italian Restaurant for an evening of food and great conversation. Their plans shifted a bit from a walk and dinner to just a walk due to rain. Nonetheless, a great evening was enjoyed by all. If you are interested in future events, check out the Women's Ministry table in the back of the sanctuary.

Thank you Joyce Baker for organizing this enjoyable evening.
Men's Ministry
The men of COG hosted the Second Annual Golf Tourney on July 28th. Sixteen men got together to enjoy an afternoon of golf at Meadow Hills and then fellowship time at the Fabrizio house. This outreach also brought in men from outside COG.

Winning Team: Joel, Garret, Grayson and John with 5 under par. (Is that good?)
Closest to the Pin: John and Kevin
Longest Drive: Grayson and Tyler

Thank you William Fabrizio for setting up the tournament.
Kids Town Promotion Sunday

As the next school year approaches, it is time for our kids to promote to the next class level on Sunday mornings. This move will affect children who are starting kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 6th grade. On August 4th we will have a special Kids Town sendoff for our 6th graders who are moving up to the youth group, and on August 11th all kids will start in their new classes. Reach out to Nancy Carroll with questions.

Nursery : Children ages birth through 3 years old. They are promoted to preschool on a case by case basis or by their 3rd birthday.

Preschool : Children ages 3-5. Kids in this class are promoted up on Promotion Sunday the year they start kindergarten.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade : Children in grades K, 1 st , and 2nd meet together for small group in Room 2. Small group time allows kids to get to know leaders, play and pray together, complete crafts, and have a snack. The Bible lesson is presented in Room 7 to all children K-5. 

3rd-5th Grade: Children in grades 3rd, 4th and 5th meet together for small group in Room 6. Small group time at this age allows kids to go deeper in discussion of the lesson with their leaders, as well as complete activities, pray together and develop important Bible skills.

Kids who are starting 6th grade next year are invited to attend youth group starting on August 7th. . Youth meets every Wednesday night 6:30-8:00pm. Reach out to Pastor J for more details.
Youth Camp at Falls Creek, OK
There are few things in life that truly surprise us anymore. Outside of the hysterical and innocent comment from a young child and the spontaneous affections of a loved one, the idea of the unknown or unplanned is completely foreign to today’s culture. Being new in the role of student ministry has placed me right at the heart of constant surprise. As Falls Creek 2019 quickly approached, my efforts were focused primarily on being available to what God had in store for our student ministry; and upon further reflection of the great things that God did, I have learned that this is the mentality I will always take going forward.
             If you have never been to Falls Creek, words cannot express the enormity of the ministry that takes place there and calling it “Camp” only serves to simplify how God is using that place to minister to students and adults alike. Departing for Falls Creek Sunday morning included a whirlwind of excitement and expectation, and as the week unfolded, God clearly revealed that He had much more in store than we could have dreamed. I had the joy of serving 29 students, 3 Collegiate Sponsors and eight other adult leaders for the course of a week and it was truly my privilege to see them humbly serving alongside one another and how God was at work in each and every one of their lives.
             Week 7 at Falls Creek saw over 6000 students and leaders immersed in exceptional praise and worship and applicable Bible teaching that lead to over 500 individuals coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ during our shared Tabernacle times and countless others coming to Jesus during their own in-cabin study times. We celebrated God’s great work in 4 of our own students recommitting their lives to Jesus, five students coming to saving faith in Jesus, and even 1 of our adult leaders surrendering his life to Jesus. Praise God!!! In addition to this, there was a strong element of unification among the students that saw friendships restored, new bonds created, and a strong time of corporate worship in our cabin that was refreshing and engaging.
But God still had more in store! Sunday evening after we returned, I received a text from one of the young ladies that joined us at Falls Creek. Instead of me telling her story, she will be sharing her story with you personally Sunday 8/4 at our 10 am service. Let’s just say that her time at Falls Creek and the moving of God in her life in the days following, has had an amazing impact on her life; but don’t take my word, come share in her excitement this Sunday!
             In light of all the amazing things that God has done over the past couple weeks, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank some of the amazing people who helped make the Falls Creek experience so good. So, a huge thank you to those of you who sacrificially gave financially to make this trip a reality for our students. Thank you to those of you who picked up a bracelet and prayed over the individuals that were at camp that week; your prayers were needed more than you can imagine. And an especially huge THANK YOU to the adult leaders, chefs, and collegiate sponsors who poured their time and love into our students. And last but not least, my deepest gratitude goes out to Rory Tucker, who in a time of transition stepped up to ensure that the Falls Creek experience would be available for our students and oversaw all the details of our trip.
             Let us corporately celebrate the victory that God has had amidst our congregation and continue to support these young men and women who have been eternally impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Christ is All
Pastor J.
Youth Ministry - Stay in the Loop

Parents and Students,
Would you like to stay in the loop about what is happening with Students of Grace? Our Facebook group is a great place for information on upcoming events, prayer requests, needs and other great info surrounding our students. This is a closed group and cannot be viewed by just anyone. Please click here to request to be added to the group to stay up to date with #SOGCOG (Students of Grace Community of Grace).
The Staff's Choice
The staff will be starting a new book in the next couple of weeks called Making Room For Life by Randy Frazee. This book helps focus on how to choose a lifestyle of conversation and community over a lifestyle of accumulation.

Pick up a copy and read along with the staff.