Good morning, COG Family! And welcome back Pastor Joel!
We are happy to have Pastor Joel back at COG and hope that his sabbatical time allowed him to draw closer to God. We look forward to hearing where God is directing him to lead COG in the days, months and years ahead.

Thank you to all those who have stepped in to fill the pulpit on Sundays. Steve, Rory, J, and Tim have done a great job bringing God's Word and we are blessed to have a gifted group of teachers in our congregation.

If you missed service this last Sunday, I encourage you to go to our website and watch. Rory reminded us that God is intimate with us, he knows everything about us, and he cares about us more than we can imagine. With everything going on in my life right now, I needed Rory's message. Maybe you do, also.

O Lord, you have searched me and known me!

You know when I sit down and when I rise up;
    you discern my thoughts from afar.

You search out my path and my lying down
    and are acquainted with all my ways.

Even before a word is on my tongue,
    behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.

You hem me in, behind and before,
    and lay your hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
    it is high; I cannot attain it.
Psalm 139:1-6

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Be salt and light,

Pastor Chris
Tithes and Offerings
Thank you, COG family, for your generosity and faithfulness during these difficult times! Here are our giving numbers for the last tw0 weeks:

Week of Aug 25, 2020
Giving: $13,401.00
Weekly Budget: $10,121.44
Year to Date Giving: $329,887.53
Year to Date Budget: $344,128.96

Week of Sept 1, 2020
Giving: $6,187.64
Weekly Budget: $10,121.44
Year to Date Giving: $336,075.17
Year to Date Budget: $354,250.40

Below are the ways that you can contribute your tithes and offerings to the church.

  • Write a check to the church. You can either mail it in to the church or stop by the church and put it in the slot of our mailbox located by the doors of the North Building (4343 S. Flanders St. Centennial, CO 80015).
  • Bill Pay through your banking institution.
  • COG website - online giving.
COG Sunday Service
As we continue to meet in person on Sundays, please remember that we are asking you to wear your face masks at all times per the CO state guidelines. Also, we are not asking for you to RSVP at this time. We will also keep providing our online option for those who prefer to join us virtually.

All of the details regarding Sunday service can be found on our COVID-19 page here.

Pastor Chris
Facility Manager Position
We currently have a need for a new facilities manager. This is a part-time position overseeing the cleaning of the facilities and lawn care. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please contact me via email.
Praising God
Praising God should be a regular part of our day. What are you praising God for? I would like to share your praises with the COG family in future newsletters. Email me your praises so we can all give God an amen. If you want to remain anonymous, just let me know.

Here are praise reports I received over the last two weeks.

“I praise God for a refreshed and renewed Pastor Joel who is back from sabbatical leave.” - Steve

"I praise God for divine appointments that result in causing us to go deeper in our praise and worship of Him."

"I praise God on how He uses those around me to breath wisdom and encouragement into me." - Chris
The Olin Apartments
The Olin Ministry at COG has been going strong for over twenty years. This ministry is cared for by volunteers from COG who prepare and take meals to 24 residents at the Olin Apartments in Denver every Saturday. The Olin is a HUD property located close to Denver's Capital Hill; it assists older and disabled individuals.

Each week, two COG families or individuals prepare and take meals to 12 residents each. The volunteers purchase, cook, package, and deliver the meals.

Missy Noel is working on a plan for how Community of Grace can take Thanksgiving meals to the residents of the Olin this Year. In addition to restrictions because of Covid-19, the Olin is undergoing extensive pysical renovations. Keep your eyes open for updates soon.

Right now, the ministry is short on volunteers to make and deliver meals on Saturday mornings. If you would like more information or would like ot help, please email Missy or call her at 720.373.0216.

This is truly a ministry that meets the needs of those less fortunate right where they are.
Getting to Know...
Jacquie Carson
Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello, COG Family! My name is Jacquie Carson and I’ve been a member of COG for almost 7 years. I consider myself a hardworking and moderately conservative “senior”, having evolved from a somewhat liberal-thinking school background in the Midwest where I was born and raised. I came to Colorado in 2013 to be in the vicinity of beautiful people (my daughter Monica, included) and beautiful country. Although my educational and work background are varied (among them being 2 Masters degrees; high school teacher and director/Warden at a men’s correctional facility), I consider my greatest accomplishment to date as surrendering myself to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and all that goes with this salvation process. Hallelujah! Like everyone else, I am a work in progress. However, I find much peace and solace in knowing that, despite these wicked, confusing and deceptively invasive times in which we are all living, my eternal home is in heaven with Jesus Christ in the new earth. Until I am called to my heavenly home, my life’s mission is to be used by our Father to further His kingdom. I am passionate about family. So, much of my time is used ministering to them and to others who ask me through a series of my “Morning Messages”. I started this informal process 5 years ago wherein I text or email faith-based messages to between 30-100 or more people at least 1-5 times monthly in an attempt to inform, inspire, encourage, & sometimes even correct or dispel myths that don’t line up with the Word of God, or either I seek out information to this effect. This entire effort of processing my Morning Messages has definitely strengthened my prayer life!
Do you have an unusual skill/hobby/talent?
I am, admittedly, a person of few talents, although some might take exception to this premise arguing I have a “gift of gab” Lolol!!. This gift could possibly be explained as growing out of the effects of my life experiences and an ability to empathize with others. I suppose my love for most types of music and my subsequent involvement with playing violin (started at age 8 and continued through college and beyond) allowed me to tap into and display my emotional side at times. I also love most sports, in particular track & field. Although I was captain of the women’s track team at college, I put this activity aside until age 52 when I ran my first full marathon. I’d love to attempt running - or at least power walk - another marathon before age 80. (Remember, age is just a number, right?!).
Unlike many “culinary superstars” I’ve met since becoming a Colorado transplant (names too numerous to mention here), I am NOT known for having these skills! I recall one of my 4 sisters cautioning me in my younger years to put forth more effort in this area. Well, I didn’t take note of this advice and I’ve since been relegated to the position of “person who brings the plastic ware to potlucks!”  Which reminds me that perhaps my favorite sandwich growing up as a child had something to do with the lack of encouragement I received in the area of cooking from my mom and others. My favorite sandwich growing up was (try not to gasp!) mayonnaise and apple jelly sandwich. YIKES!! Thank God those days are behind me. 
If you picked one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
There are several words I might use to describe myself, among them being encouraging, supportive, detailed, relentless, introspective, kind, loving, forgiving, insecure, stubborn, principled, but I believe the overriding term that best describes my character and probably includes many of these aforementioned attributes is LOYAL — sometimes to a fault!
What do you like to do on a day with no set plans?
Very seldom do I allow myself (operative words) the opportunity to relax, to “chill” ... just do nothing without having a scheduled agenda, but those rare occurrences do crop up periodically. When they do I find myself marveling at God’s creation and making connections. This, in turn, generates tons of questions that set my mind in motion seeking answers, sometimes immediately, sometimes filed away in the back of my mind, perhaps to soon be forgotten. Then there are those times I get to be spontaneous (ex., - with phone calls, texts, emails to family or friends to help lift spirits, or to just be silly through shared memories). Sometimes, as well, I like to curl up on my sofa and read my Bible or a faith-based book, or watch a good documentary, mystery, or an encouraging program about helping animals, while eating a bowl of butter pecan ice cream with tons of dripping chocolate syrup! Yum!
What do you enjoy doing at COG?
I love being part of the COG family. I love serving others, cleaning, helping to fill the gap whenever or wherever possible. Mostly, I love working and being alongside my sisters and brothers in the Lord to learn new and rewarding things to further my walk and to advance God’s kingdom. I believe everyone needs to be provided the opportunity to hear and share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. I choose COG as my means through which I will achieve this.
Kids Activity Bags
Bring Your Own Kids' In-Church Bags! We will be providing activity packets for kids who attend church with their families in person, so we are encouraging families to put together an activity bag for each child who will be attending with you. We suggest that each bag have a clipboard and coloring supplies; then add any additional items from home you know will help your child stay focused in church. We will have a few activity bags available for children to use (and not return) on Sunday mornings, but making and bringing your own would help us out. Thank you!
Students of Grace
Students of Grace has started a new teaching series called "Just Asking for a Friend". Pastor J will be leading our youth through some of the difficult questions they or their friends might be asking. This will be a great opportunity to strengthen our students' faith and even open the door for them to invite their friends as J leads the group int discussions on what the Bible says about these challenging topics. Topics will include:
9/9 - How can a loving God send people to hell?
9/16 - Why did God make me like this?
9/23 - Why doesn't God answer my prayers?
If you would like more information, contact Pastor J.
Community of Grace Sunday Prayer Time
The prayer team is meeting on Sunday mornings on the COG lawn. We are extending an invitation to you to join us. We will be meeting on the lawn from 9:15 to 9:45. Bring a chair and pray for our country, our state, our community, and our church. Outdoor meetings will depend on the weather. If you have questions, email Kathleen Chandler.