March 2017 
Volunteer Celebration - All New Fun Format!!!
Invitations to this year's volunteer celebration are in the mail! Please join us on  Sunday, April 23 from 3-5:30 p.m. for our annual volunteer celebration at the Marott at 2625 N. Meridian St.  We have some exciting new ideas in the works - here is a sneak peek:
  • Las Vegas style party with games including black jack, wheel of fortune and over/under. No money will be wagered during the games.
  • Hors d'oeuvres menu including:

Bacon knots

Burgundy meatballs

French fry bar

Gourmet grilled cheese

Macaroni bar

Mini burgers

Vegetable spring rolls

  • Ice cream sundae bar
  • House hosted coffee, water and soft drinks
  • Cash bar
We hope you and a friend can join us! 
Yoga Anyone?
We are now offering complimentary yoga classes the first Monday of each month from 7- 8 pm.  House guests, volunteers and staff are welcome to join.  The next class will be held April 3 so please join us! Thank you Kelly Alford from The Yoga Studio for your generous donation.   
Help Needed

Are you looking for more ways to get involved at the House? The following new and ongoing volunteer opportunities are currently available:
  • Volunteers are needed to assist with packet pick-up for the Carmel Marathon on Friday, April 21 at the Monon Center in Carmel. Shifts and volunteer needs are as follows:
    • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (4 volunteers needed)
    • 2 - 6 p.m. (12 volunteers needed)
    • 6 - 9 p.m. (10 volunteers needed)
The Carmel Marathon helps sponsor a room at the House each year. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  • Wanted: one hour of your time to write thank you notes to our newest donors.  We provide the note cards, stamps, space and what to write.  New donors turn into lifetime donors twice as often when they receive a note!
  • Guest Services Volunteers to substitute as needed.  You can determine your availability and people would contact you directly to see if you might be available.
  • An additional van driver to drive families needing to go to Walmart or Meijer. Ideally, this person is available every other Thursday but there is flexibility in the schedule.
  • Bingo callers are needed every other week in the evening.
  • Meal makers to come in on a regular basis and make side dishes and small casseroles that will be frozen for use later. 
The following opportunities have different time commitments.  Some will only take 30-60 minutes every other week so they are a great way to help before or after your guest services shift.
  • Help keep the pantries organized and stocked.
  • Help keep our linen inventory organized and make linen packets.
  • Sort through a variety of donated items such as clothes, games, dolls, holiday gifts and more, that can be used for guest events gifts/prizes and guest availability.  
Please contact Mary Friend at or 317-267-0605, x 225 if you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities. 

Please Don't Feed the Geese!
Geese have discovered numerous areas on campus where they like to build nests.  Often times they have eggs or goslings and become extremely protective of the area around the nests.  When humans get close to these nests they are often times attacked, which has led to injuries to injuries. 
The Campus Facility Services (CFS) Grounds Department personnel are trying to keep geese from building nests around buildings and they need your help.  Some people want to feed the geese, but this is a bad practice for many reasons.   DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!    If you see others feeding them, please inform them that they should not feed them.  It is IUPUI's practice not to feed any wild birds or animals on campus.
The department is also using other forms of geese deterrents such as artificial geese, orange plastic snow fence or "blow up" coyotes that will be perched on overhead building entries or in known nesting areas to discourage nesting. Please do not disturb these deterrents.

Mission Moment


"The Ronald McDonald House is such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for all you do!  We are going through so much with our great grandson having cancer at 2 years old, it is nice to be able to come here and lay down and be safe." 

Operations Update - Limestone  


Based on volunteer feedback, we have made changes in the front office: 

  • In a continued effort to make processes smoother, the welcome bags have been moved to the linen closet.  When preparing a room for check-in, please place the welcome bag in the room when you deliver the linen packets.  If you see that our supply of welcome bags is getting low in the linen closet, please restock them.
  • Binders containing information such as the patient locator, sign-in/sign-out logs, etc. are now on the same wall as the cash register for easier access. 
  • Some of you requested that we bring back the daily task list.  We have enlarged the form, laminated it, and it is now attached to the white board.  You can initial and check off tasks as they are completed.  Each night the board will be erased and prepared for the next day!
  • We now have a coffee pot in the volunteer kitchen by the microwave and refrigerator.  There's also a carafe to use to keep the coffee warm.  If you make a pot, please remember to turn the coffee maker off and throw away the filter when finished.
  • The guest exit survey is now available in Spanish.  Copies are located in the check-in desk and the front office.
  • Please help us keep track of our vacuum cleaners and luggage carts.  Feel free to contact any guests who has checked out a vacuum on the vacuum log but has not returned it. Please remember when using the luggage carts to move donations to the basement, to unload the carts and bring them back upstairs for guests' use.
  • Thank you for recording all check-outs on the daily cash log.  If a family doesn't pay upon check-in or check-out, they should still be recorded with zeroes on the total slot and a note that states that fees were waived.
  • The suggestion box has returned to the front office.  If you have ideas on how to improve the operation of the front office, please share them!
Look Who Was Caught Rolling Out The Red Carpet
Andrea Groves recently caught Liz Chapline, Guest Services Volunteer (GSV) at Limestone, displaying friendliness and compassion.
Andrea wrote: "On two occasions during a recent shift, Liz went out of her way to genuinely connect with incoming house guests.  One family rushed down from Ft. Wayne and arrived at 9:15 p.m. to check-in. Liz jumped on the opportunity to check-in the family.  She listened to them share their tough story as she completed paperwork.  She showed them every aspect of the House and made sure they understood all the support they had here.  When she came back, she spoke so highly of their gratefulness, kindness, and overall well-being.  She expresses this same level of care and concern for every family she meets and I am certain her kindness is so heart-warming and comforting to our families." 
Thank you, Liz. You are appreciated!
Congratulations Liz!  Your name was drawn this month in our Red Carpet Award drawing and your Crew Carwash pass is in the mail.
Remember if you catch a volunteer rolling out the red carpet and demonstrating excellent customer service, please submit a nomination using the form below listing the criteria.  Printed copies of this form are also available in the front office at both Limestone and Riley.  Each month, all nominations are eligible for a random drawing for a Crew Carwash pass.
Please click on the link below for the nomination form:
Red Carpet Nomination Form

Updated Volunteer Schedule


Please click the link below for the updated volunteer schedules: 


March 2017 Guest Services Schedule

Happy Birthday!
Please join us in celebrating the following birthdays:   

Vikki Hall
Jinee Majors
Jordan Almos
Damanvir Chohan
Naomi Dart
Rhonda Hainer
Mary Glenn Rinne
Denise Shuck
Abby Fox
Bob Schofield
Candice Bradbury
Andy Ball
Kurt Beier
Betty Bever


Gerry Stieglitz
Travis Curtice
Lisa Lusk
Dave Kleiman
Lauren Bassett
Dave Monnier
Paul Smith
Mark Imel
Allen Oberlin
Jean Buehner
Stephanie Miles
Cathy Roembke
Craig Ito


Ruthann Lord
Marge Vogel
Mailey Allbaugh
Chris Clark
Susan Huesing
Sheryl Lesem
Alex Miser
Randy Shields
Heather Cody
Marco Ray
Byron Robinson
Leah Hall


Upcoming Events
Visit our website or watch for details in future editions of this newsletter for these events.
Carmel Marathon Packet Pick Up
April 21
13th Annual Pop Tab & Coin Drop
July 14

Carmel Marathon
April 22
Sporting Clays Tournament 
September 22
Volunteer Celebration
April 23
Taste Gala
November 3

31st Annual Swing for Kids
Pro-Am Golf Tournament 
June 5

Deck the Halls Tree Competition 
November TBD

Heroes for the House
June 17

Holiday Open House 
November 28


Substitute List
Please contact these people if you need a substitute.

If you would like to add your name to this list, please contact Mary Friend at or at (317) 267-0605 ext. 225.
Please remember to notify the manager on duty for last minute shift cancellations.  If you know your conflict in advance, notify Mary Friend.  Also, let us know if you are able to find a substitute so we can update the schedule.  Be sure to notify Mary or the manager on duty directly rather than through your shift mates. 
Thank you!

Our Mission
We provide a supportive home-away-from-home for families of children receiving medical care at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health and other area hospitals, and we champion programs that improve the health, education and well-being of children.

Our Vision
Nurturing a community where children and their families embrace life and healing with a sense of hope, enthusiasm, courage and joy.
Our Values
  • Innovation: We aim for continuous improvement to provide the highest level of comfort and care for our families.
  • Compassion: We seek to listen, understand and serve.
  • Accountability: We strive for the highest level of integrity and transparency with all of our partners and stakeholders.
  • Respect: We treat all people with dignity, compassion and respect.
  • Excellence: We embrace our mission and passionately commit to creating the best home-away-from-home for our families.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana
435 Limestone St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Newsletter Editor:
Mary Friend, CVA
Volunteer Resources Manager
Direct Line:
317.267.0605 x225