With Regular Maintenance, Your Solar Water Heater Will Perform Better & Last Longer!
Kalamunda Plumbing has long been regarded as the Hills’ and Eastern Suburbs’ most experienced and knowledgeable solar hot water specialist.
Mind you, we’re not patting ourselves on the back. We’re simply sharing how others view our long-standing experience and skill in all things solar: installation, ongoing maintenance, and repair.
For now, let’s focus on the importance of ongoing maintenance .
While you can expect 10-15 years of service or more from your solar water heater, nothing is guaranteed. But here's what we know for certain: with regular maintenance, your system will run better , last longer, and be less susceptible to a breakdown.
For these and other reasons, Kalamunda Plumbing provides a free annual checkup for anyone who purchases – or has purchased – a solar water heater from us, recently or otherwise. Our services extend to roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems, those with tanks made from vitreous enamel lined steel and stainless steel, plus gas and electric boosted systems.
Annual checkups are especially important for roof-mounted systems, and for one obvious reason – “out of sight, out of mind.” Let’s face it: some people just aren’t comfortable climbing up on their roofs for any reason, let alone a solar water heater inspection. Even if you were so inclined, would you know exactly what to look for and what an annual checkup should include?
Probably not, but we do. And with Kalamunda Plumbing on the job, you can rest assured you'll receive maximum benefits from your investment in solar water heating.
Solar Water Heater 5-Year Service

Solar water heater manufacturers recommend major service every 5 years. Here are the main items included in our 5-year service:

  • A complete visual inspection of your solar water heater for potential problems.
  • Replace temperature/pressure relief (TPR) valve (fitted to the HW tank).
  • Replace sacrificial anode (if it has one – not included in a stainless-steel tank).
  • Check the operation of the electric booster.
  • Wipe down the glass on the solar absorber panels.

Our five-year service is a great deal more comprehensive than that…we urge you to contact us by phone or email if you’d like to know more. 

Schedule Service Now and Save!

If you’ve already purchased a solar water heater from Kalamunda Plumbing, click here to complete and return your registration card for a FREE annual checkup.

For all other customers, use the coupon below to save $35 . Kalamunda Plumbing: for the best in solar water heater maintenance and repair. 

Solar Water Heater Maintenance
Save $35
…on our solar water heater maintenance service. This offer is valid through 30 April 2019 and may not be combined with other offers. Does not apply to service already performed.

Solar Water Heater
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