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Solar Water Heater?
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Over the past 27 years, Kalamunda Plumbing has partnered with some of the biggest solar water heater brands in Australia. Are we making this statement to impress you? Not at all. Our point is simply this: we have first-hand knowledge of the "inner workings" of these big brand companies, their products, and their distribution networks.

Our prior involvement as Dealer and Distributor of some of the big name solar water heater brands has taught us that staying focused on the end user and delivering on our promises is what impresses consumers and clients . This is seldom the focus of the bigger brands, and by and large they have forgotten what made them big in the first place.

Consider these solar water heater brand names: Beasley, Dux, Edwards, Rheem and Solahart. Familiar names one and all, to most people. But getting bigger didn’t make them better . It made them "ripe for the pickings" because they focused more on expansion and engineering economies than customer service and quality. So along came foreign investors who gobbled them up along with a host of other former Australian-owned water heater manufacturers.

That’s what happens when organisations make “profitability” a higher priority than product quality, customer service, and dealer support. It tends to backfire every time.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

Our long history of solar water heater service, repair, and replacement has taught us a great deal, including who CAN be trusted to produce a consistently well-made, long-lasting product, together with customer-friendly warranties .

Today, we confidently recommend and install the brands of smaller water heater companies like SOLARGAIN (i-HEAT) and ENVIROSUN . Both outstanding companies are 100% Australian owned and operated, have a global attitude, but stay focused on local requirements. They also are headquartered here in Western Australia).

What “Better” Looks Like

These companies are managed by local tradies (plumbers and electricians). They source their components from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and assemble their systems here in W.A .

The advantages to valued customers like you are numerous , but none more important than these:

  • SOLARGAIN and ENVIROSUN don’t compromise on product quality or durability because they don’t need to – that’s the essence of maintaining one's independence.

  • Through SOLARGAIN and ENVIROSUN, Kalamunda Plumbing offers you the option of roof-top systems that utilise stainless steel tanks on the one hand and vitreous enamel lined steel tanks on the other.

  • While the foreign-owned solar manufacturers focus primarily on sales and profitability, Australia’s independent brands raise the bar considerably higher by working just as hard to provide exemplary dealer and customer support.

As a consumer who wants the best value for your dollar and a strong sense of confidence , SOLARGAIN and ENVIROSUN not only stand behind their warranties, they are highly approachable and ready to ensure your complete satisfaction

How We Make Everything Better

And now to the crux of the matter. Locally, Kalamunda Plumbing has no equal when it comes to solar hot water maintenance, repair, and replacement system installation . When you choose us, you choose a company that will:

  • Recommend and install the right replacement system based on our extensive knowledge of and familiarity with the manufacturing sector
  • Guarantee your system is installed correctly to help ensure problem-free performance.
  • Maintain your system with utter thoroughness.
  • Offer a free annual system check-up for registered solar water heater owners (see our website for details).
  • Service and repair a wide range of solar water heater brands, whether we sold the system or not.

We also provide Discounted Service for registered solar water heater owners, including 5-year service, to help you enjoy maximum performance and longer equipment life (once again, please see our website for more details).

Save Now with Kalamunda Plumbing

Whatever your solar hot water service needs might be, we’re ready to meet and exceed your expectations . Contact us today and save with the coupons below.

Replacement Water Heater
Save $250
…on a replacement solar water heater purchased from and installed by Kalamunda Plumbing. This offer is valid through 15 June 2019 and may not be combined with other discounts. Does not apply to previous installations.  
Service or Repair
 Save 15%
…on our 5-year solar system maintenance service or on any solar water heater repair when you fill in our online Registration Form.
This offer is valid through 15 June 2019 and may not be combined with other discounts. Does not apply to "special prices" or prior service.  
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