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Around the NE LMSC - June  2018
Save the Date: NE LMSC Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 13, 2018 2-5 pm
Simmons College, Boston, MA

All New England LMSC members are welcome to attend and vote.  Details & agenda will be posted here when available.
2018 National Coaches Clinic
Apply Now for NCC Scholarships

The National Coaches Clinic (NCC) is a USMS sponsored event bringing in some of the most experienced and knowledgeable swim coaching resources for a 3-day seminar geared towards Masters swimmers. The clinic provides traditional classroom presentations, opportunities to build community with other coaches, and an in water session to further practice skills. This year's Clinic will be held in College Park, MD from October 19-21.

The NE LMSC is committed to supporting the professional development of its coaches and we hope that many will be able to attend the NCC in this and in coming years. Any NE LMSC coach who successfully completes the 2018 USMS NCC will receive a $100 scholarship reimbursement.

In addition to the above $100 scholarship, three NE LMSC coaches will receive an additional $400 stipend reimbursement to support travel expenses. In an effort to provide ongoing transfer of knowledge from the clinic, each of these three coaches will be required to write one article for the NE LMSC website/newsletter and host one swimmer or coach clinic prior to March 2019 pertaining to the information shared at the NCC. The travel stipend reimbursement will not be provided until these two actions have been completed.

The NE LMSC Coaches Chair, Crystie McGrail, will support these coaches receiving financial reimbursement in completing their required clinics and newsletter articles.

Coaches interested in applying for the travel stipend reimbursement can submit an email to including the following by midnight on June 22nd (deadline extended!):
  1. A short bio and background of their current coaching endeavors
  2. Why they would like to attend the 2018 National Coaches Clinic and what information they hope to bring back to share with others
A panel of three representatives from the NE LMSC board will review applications and select the candidates for the travel reimbursement.

Please direct any questions to Coaches Chair, Crystie McGrail

Upcoming Events
Meets & Postal Swims
May 15-Sept 15 -- 2018 USMS 5km/10km ePostal National Championship (Sanctioned)

June 23 -- 2nd Annual Gary Isherwood Memorial Masters Meet (Recognized SCY)
Bangor, ME --  Details

July 7-8 -- Bay State Games (LCM)
Boston, MA --  Details

July 15 -- Jenny Thompson LCM Mini Meet (Sanctioned LCM)
Dover, NH --  Details

July 15-31 -- 2018 SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Summer Fitness Challenge (2000 yd/m)
July 28-Aug 4 -- 2018 UANA Pan Am Masters Championships (Sanctioned LCM)
Orlando, FL --  Details

Oct 13 -- 11th Annual October Swim Fest Mini Meet (Sanctioned SCM)
Boston, MA
Open Water Events
June 23 -- 30th Annual Mashpee SuperSwim (0.5, 1, 3 mi)

June 23 -- 13th Annual Narrow River Turnaround (1 mi)
North Kingstown, RI --  Details

June 30 -- 25th Annual Buzzards Bay Swim (1.2 mi)
New Bedford, MA --  Details

July 7 -- 7th Annual Fire Island Ocean Swims (Sanctioned 1 mi, 5km)
Fire Island Pines, NY --  Details  -- 5km is a USMS National Championship race

July 8 -- 1st Annual COA Swim to Skim (0.9, 1.5 mi)

July 8 -- Portland Bridge Swim (Sanctioned 11 mi, 11 mi relay)
Portland, OR --  Details -- 11 mi is a USMS National Championship race

July 12 -- Foster Lake Cable Swims (Sanctioned 1, 2 mi)
Sweet Home, OR --  Details -- 2 mi is a USMS National Championship race

July 13 -- Swim Across America Boston Harbor Relay (22 mi relay) 
Boston, MA -- Details

July 14 -- Swim With A Mission (1, 5, 10 km, 10km relay)
Bristol, NH --  Details

July 14 -- 8th Annual Waterman Eco-Challenge (1 mi)
Narragansett, RI --  Details

July 14-15 Applegate Lake (Sanctioned 2.5, 5, 10 km, 1500m, 3x 500m relay)

More open water events are listed at the bottom of this newsletter

2018 USMS SCY Nationals Recap
Christie Hayes Breaks Four National Records at Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- Congratulations to Christie Hayes (70-74) who broke four USMS National Records at this year's USMS Spring National Championship, held May 10-13 in Indianapolis. Christie trained with Connecticut Masters for 40 years (1973-2013), and has swum with Nutmeg Masters since 2013. She "aged up" on March 23, 2018.  

Christie Hayes after her record-breaking 1650
Day one of the competition was distance day. Christie swam the 1650 in the afternoon with a clear strategy: to break the 1650 National Record, and possibly break the 1,000 National Record along the way. She had all her splits mapped out on an index card. Granite State Penguin Bob Tyler was chosen as her trusted counter and lane coach, and Christie started her race steadily and right on pace.  

With her New England teammates wildly cheering her on poolside, Christie broke the 1,000 National Record by less than one second. The meet announcer was following her race, and reporting her splits and pace to the crowd. Christie continued on with her race, and with a strong finish, shattered the National Record of  23:45.69 by more than 37 seconds, clocking a  23:07.52. The next day was the women's 500 free (6:42.77), and Christie bested that record too, along with the 200 free (2:27.55) the following day.  

Congratulations Christie on your four National USMS records, and some very impressive swims!
While no other National Records were broken at this meet, there were many personal victories, both small and big, and lots of stories and adventures that rounded out the four-day competition. Below are reflections from 13 of the New Englanders who attended the meet.

Karen Bierwert, Christy Hayes, Katherine Branch, & Fiona Atkinson
Fiona Atkinson (65-69, New England Masters) was delighted she was able to qualify for Nationals this year. Her last Nationals competition was in August 2000, and she had to give up swimming by the end of that year because of spinal surgery, and "life got in the way." Fiona got back in the pool last fall, and entered three meets which garnered her five National qualifying times.

" I entered Nationals this year just to see what I could do. And no one was more surprised than me by my times, " said Fiona. Even though hip replacement surgery is now in the cards for her this September, Fiona swam four events with a combination of Tylenol and gritted teeth. "Nationals 2018 was a combination of nostalgia, being part of a brand new team (previously all my Masters swimming has been in Louisiana) and hope for the future that I can return once again after surgery," said Fiona.

Bob Tyler (55-59, Granite State Penguins) set two New England records - one in the 500 free (5:24.39), and one in the 100 free (50.95). He added, "it was also  great to be with so many fun and interesting people. Great times at the dinners we had together. "
Jonathan Chatinover (55-59, Martha's Vineyard Masters) This was Jon ' s first Nationals ever. Two thrills for him were scoring points for NEM (9 th  in 1000 free) and doing his best Masters 50 free ever leading off a 200 mixed free relay.
Kim Goodwin, Christina Baudis, Mindy Williams, Sue Jensen, & Jen Downing
Karen Bierwert (65-69, Smith College Masters)In addition to being very happy with her times and places, Karen set four New England records -  400 IM (6:02.23), 200 IM (2:48.76), 200 breast (3:02.42), and 100 breast (1:25.62). Her 200 breast was just off the National Record, set in 2004, by .92 seconds!  Other highlights of the meet for Karen were,  "meeting new people, seeing old friends whom I see only at Nationals, the support of NEM, and seeing so many inspiring swims." Also, seeing more of Indy - what a great place!

Alan Hsieh (18-24, LANES) - This was Alan's first national Masters meet. He achieved qualifying times in two of his three events, and got a 10th place medal in the 200 breaststroke (2:29.52).  

Richard Myers (70-74, MIT Tech Masters) - Rick finished first in the 50 breaststroke (35.76),  third in the 100 breaststroke (1:21.75), fourth in the 200 butterfly (3:03.35), and fifth in the 200 breaststroke (3:03.36). He was pleasantly surprised by these  finishes and attributes the success to his new "Michael Phelps" swim suit. And, he thanks Dan Rogacki for not attending the meet. 
Mindy Williams (35-39, Granite State Penguins)  - "One of the highlights for me was being inspired by other Masters swimmers, whether it was fellow NEM swimmers who had shared their goals and achieved them, or the spry 95-year-old man from Oregon that swam the 1650. After going to a half-dozen Masters Nationals, I'm starting to recognize familiar faces on deck, and with each meet, I enjoy making new friends and finding common ground with my competitors. Every day (and every evening) produced a new MVP!"

Bill Davis, Karin Stokes, Sue Jensen, & Bob Tyler
Bill Davis (55-59, Charles River Masters) - "First and foremost, swim meets will come and go but it is the relationships that we will remember and that will last a lifetime. I t was so fun getting to know New England's finest over the course of our few days together. I was so proud and excited to be a member of the NEM Nationals Team and this great group of people! I hit personal bests on all of my swims and had one very exciting relay split! I can't wait for next year!"

David Edsall (70-74, Granite State Penguins) - This was David's first Nationals. "Great fun, great city." He was shocked to be able to get 9th place points for NEM in the 50 free (37.86) Although 3 seconds off his expected time in January, he was not expecting to break 40 with his continuing treatment for an illness developed in February. He wanted to see Richard Abraham, the human with the most world records, but he swam at the sa me time in other pool! He's looking forward to Mesa Spring Nationals (April 2019), which is five miles from his winter home. 

Jen Downing  (35-39,  Charles River Masters) - This was Jen's 12th nationals meet, and the last one before she ages up to the big 4-0. Jen won four top 10 medals, and two best times in the 500 (5:37.05) and 1650 (19.31.25). She "loved the large NEM contingent and amazing cheering squads each day," and is so impressed at NEM's 11th place finish. She also enjoyed the terrific social gatherings each night and great food spots.
Kim Goodwin (60-64, Granite State Penguins) " I didn't break any national or personal best time records, I just had a great time. And for perhaps the first time, I realized that it is not always about the times, but more the entire experience... reconnecting with old friends, making new friends and just being part of an exceptional sport that we love and that keeps us young at heart, as well as body!"

Karin Stokes, Laura Delorey, Sue Jensen, & Kim Goodwin
Jenny Rood (30-34, MIT Tech Masters) "I think my biggest achievement was dropping 12 seconds off my personal best in the 1000 free, which came as a total surprise to me. I also got personal bests in my other two events, the 400 IM (5:35.45) and the 200 fly (2:35.27), and had a lot of fun swimming on the 200 medley relay."

Kysa Crusco (40-44, Granite State Penguins)" My take away from Nationals - the camaraderie among swimmers is unparalleled. From my teammates who cheered like crazy during my 1650 (Bob Tyler, Stephen Carroll, Nic Ohman, Tracy Grilli),  to crazy fast ladies in my age group who cheered me on and wished me well , to new teammates who walked to the far end of the pool to watch my race, to swim friends who asked about every race and have the best hashtags (Rob Duguay),  to teammates who jumped into action to find my missing diamond (Karin Stokes, Laura Delorey) , to teammates back at home following results and rooting from home (Beth Estel, Karen Mareb, David Graham) and of course all my rowdy Penguins, fast NEM crew, and family. Can't wait to see what's next!"

- Contributed by Sue Jensen, NEM-CRM, NE-LMSC Secretary

Recent Results
4th Annual Landshark Swim  0.5 mi ,  1 mi ,  2 mi  

Education Corner
It's Open Water Season

It's summer in New England, which means... it's open water season! As you may have noticed from the Upcoming Events, we have tons of great swims happening outside this summer. 

Whether you're a beginner just looking to try it out or an experienced open water swimmer, the USMS database has an article for you!

New to open water swimming? Check out Elaine Howley's excellent Open Water 101 series:
Ready to take your open water swimming to the next level? Try these:
Whatever your ambition, grab a friend and remember - start small, and never swim alone. Have fun and get out there!

Upcoming Events (Continued)
Open Water Events
July 21 -- Miles 4 Michells (0.5, 1 mi)
Lancaster, MA --  Details

July 21 -- 4th Annual Misery Challenge (3 mi)
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA --  Details

July 28 -- Peaks to Portland Swim to Benefit Kids (2.4 mi)
New Bedford, MA --  Details

July 28 -- Wild Fish Swim Festival (0.5, 1, 2 mi)
Salem, MA --  Details

July 28 -- 10th Annual Kingdom Swim (Sanctioned 5, 10, 25 km, 1, 10 mi)
Newport, VT --  Details 

Aug 4 -- 42nd Annual Save the Bay for Narragansett Bay (1.7 mi)
Newport, RI --  Details

Aug 5 -- 7th Annual Sebago Challenge (Sanctioned 1, 2.5, 5, 10 km)
Standish, ME -- Details

Aug 5 -- 2018 UANA Pan Am Masters Championships (Sanctioned 1.5, 5 km)

Aug 11-19 -- Swim the Kingdom Week (Various distances)
Newport, VT --  Details

Aug 11 -- 8th Annual David's Old Silver Swim (0.5, 1 mi)
North Falmouth, MA --  Details

Aug 11 -- Boston Light Swim (8 mi)
Boston, MA --  Details

Aug 11-12 -- Celebrate the Clean Harbor Swim Festival (1.2 mi Sat, 10 mi relay Sun)

Aug 12 -- Glen Lake Swim: The Search for Glennie (Sanctioned 1 mi)
Goffstown, NH --  Details

Aug 12 -- Casco Bay Island SwimRun
Portland, ME --  Details

Aug 18 -- 19th Annual MBCC Against the Tide (1 mi)
Brewster, MA --  Details

Aug 19 -- Swim & Fin for Salem Sound (500 mi, 1 mi, 5 km)

Aug 25 -- Nubble Light Challenge (2.4 mi)
York, ME --  Details

Aug 25 -- SAA Nantucket Island Open Water Swim (0.25, 0.5, 1 mi)
Nantucket, MA --  Details

Aug 26 -- Swim & Fin for Salem Sound (500 mi, 1 mi, 5 km)

Sept 8 -- SAA Rhode Island Open Water Swim (0.5, 1 mi)
Narragansett, RI --  Details

Sept 8 -- 25th Annual Provincetown Swim for Life (1.4 mi)
Provincetown, MA -- Details

Sept 9 -- 7th Annual Boston Sharkfest Swim (1500m)
Boston, MA -- Details

Sept 15 -- IGNITE SwimRun Rhode Island
New Shoreham, RI --  Details

Oct 7 -- 28th Annual Bermuda Round the Sound Swim (0.8, 2, 4, 10 km)
Send your news, events, results, and photos to:
Alana Aubin
Communications Chair, New England LMSC
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