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April 15 - Relax - Tax Deadline is extended 'til July 15th
Stimulus Checks...latest information
The federal government, through the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, and Treasury Department, have released guidance on how Americans will receive their economic stimulus payments. Older adults who are receiving Social Security will not need to file a simple tax return to receive their payments. Those who do not typically meet the filing threshold for taxes, and who do not receive Social Security, will need to fill out a simple tax return. For more information, follow the links below.
Pima Council on Aging COVID-19 information:
(Thank you Garden District Newsletter)
Keep your Eyes Open on your Walks!
Like Bears?

You gotta hunt for 'em
Bearodillo? This will be confusing

The bear hunt includes our traffic circles.

A Vine hopscotch (Edison St)
Kinda Blue
Traditional Hopscotch
(Edison St)
Hopscotch for Boomers ...Follow the line. (Oro Valley)
Do you have some photo suggestions? Send 'em along, we may publish:
April Meetings
All cancelled with hopes for May

In lieu of a meeting your Safety Committee
has added information for home safety and on-line scams
to the Jefferson Park website at
for crime stats and ways to report fraud, identity theft and reduce unwanted sales calls, etc. go to

Stay safe neighbors!

Care about each other.

Wave on your walks!

Thanks for commenting from afar on my flowers as you jogged by.

Keep each other happy and maintain your sense of humor.

(Left: a little town in Colorado street sign--say it out loud and you will get it)

Neighborhood Street/Traffic news
It works! SeeClickFix ap.

The crews fixed potholes on Edison St. Our cars appreciate this city service!
Why didn't this guy stay at home? Fremont/Edison traffic circle has been hit 3x.
The Beleaguered Linear Park--Update
"Why can't we move forward?"
We asked this question after the project went on hold. This answer from Parks and Recreation:

"In January 2019, M&C approved advancing General Fund dollars to start projects before the bonds are sold. ...bonds are slated to be sold this summer, and that is for Phase 1 projects. These are scheduled as the first bonds sold for prop 407. 
Because of the anticipated financial hit of reduced tax revenues due to the pandemic, the City made the decision to hold off on bond projects until bonds are sold. When bonds are sold, we will jump right back in where we left off with projects that are already in the pipeline.

I have asked our consultant ... to see how long the contractor will honor the bid quote and to continue value engineering to try and get the project back to budget. If the contractor will honor the quote for 90-120 days, hopefully we will sell bonds by then and can finalize the contract to do the work. "

Bottom line: On hold until bonds are sold, beginning July 2020
Making Our Voices Heard....
Jefferson Park Traffic Advisory Committee urges everyone to take the survey:
Send the message that Jefferson Park has concerns and deserves to be noticed.

Contact Zach MacDonald to join the JP Traffic Committee.

Tucson Transportation Department will take data from the survey to decide where and to whom resources should be allocated.
On April 1st we celebrated #NationalCensusDay, a day dedicated to bringing awareness to the importance of the 2020 Census. This data will inform how billions of federal dollars are allocated for the next decade and the number of representatives we have in Congress. Now more than ever, it is crucial for Tucson to get as many resources as possible.  

In 2010, the City of Tucson lost approximately $60 million in federal and state funding. Only 65.3% of Tucsonans were counted. These dollars go towards critical public services such as roads, schools, hospitals and health care clinics, fire/police and other emergency response services, among many more. It is VITAL to be counted in the 2020 Census! We have the power to decide the fiscal future of our City for the next 10 years. To date, only 33.5% of Tucsonans have filled out their census.

Low response rates will have a significant impact on our community. 
Completing the 2020 Census only takes a few moments of your time! It can be filled out online, is offered in multiple languages and is 100% safe and confidential. Be counted, and make sure your friends and family are too!

To find out more about the 2020 Census
(Mayor Romero's E-news)
Meanwhile TEP continues to plan lines through JP...
The March public meetings were cancelled. At the last TEP Community Working Group (CWG) Meeting, March 11, running the transmission poles down Vine and Park were still listed as options.

You still have the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Send comments to:
Complete on line survey at:

Mail a letter to: P.O. Box 711 ATTN: Kino-DMP Mail Stop RC131
Tucson AZ 85701-0711

Phone:  1-833-523-0887 and leave a voice mail message
To see former E-newsletters outlining the issue go to:
Public testing:  Those with concerns about COVID-19 symptoms or exposure can now call Banner Health at 844-549-1851 to speak with a clinical team member to determine if testing is appropriate. The line will be staffed 7 a.m.- 6 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Friday. If an individual meets CDC criteria for testing, they will be scheduled for an appointment at our new drive-through site.
A COVID-19 hotline has been set up to answer any questions from the public and healthcare providers about testing, symptoms, and any other questions you have about the virus. Call 1-844-542-8201 to reach a health care professional.

(520) 791-2540
The City Service Impacts Hotline is now active at (520) 791-2540. Please call with questions about how city business is being conducted during this community emergency. Call takers are available for both English and Spanish speakers.

Changes to Transit Services
Beginning Saturday, March 21, 2020, the City of Tucson will  waive the fares on Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van . These changes are in effect through the end of March, at which point it will be reevaluated.

Southwest Gas Tucson Electric Power , and  Tucson Water  are all suspending service disconnections until further notice.

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
The  Community Food Bank of Souther n  Arizona’s new hours at the Country Club location, are Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. They are closed Sat/Sun/Mon.

If you are healthy and able, please help by volunteering to pack emergency food boxes. The Community Food Bank URGENTLY needs volunteers to keep operations running. Email  to get started.

Government Resources
Need A Good Book?
Mostly Books is offering CURBSIDE Pick up so that you can always stay stocked up with books, new and used! Simply order online, and pay with a credit card/PayPal OR call (520)571-0110   or email the bookstore: and pay with your credit card. Be sure to leave a note if you order online that you would like store pickup.

Once you are parked in front of the store call them to let them know which car is yours and they'll will run your order out. Their phone number is on the door!
Spring is Here, but Sale on Hold!
Plant Sale cancelled.

It certainly was difficult for the committee and associated gardeners to give this one up. The sale will be rescheduled, and in the interim, the plants will be getting bigger. Watch for more info.

Meanwhile, you can drop off your donations at 1641 E. Waverly St. (Corner of Waverly and Warren; you can leave them by the front gate.)
EDISON Parklet needs you... keeping social distance...add it to your daily walk!
USUALLY 3rd Saturday of the month - 8:00 am - Edison and Campbell l'il park---- . If you do pick up trash during the week, contact Joanne Osuna at  and your time will count.  We report our hours to Tucson Clean and Beautiful as part of the Adopt-a-Park Program. If you see problems with trash at the park or its vicinity during the week, please notify Joanne and we will arrange to clean it up.
Self-isolating? Tackle those weeds!
There are weeds popping up all over the neighborhood. Here are a few to pull while you are stuck at home social distancing:

  • London Rocket (tall stalks with small yellow flowers) are mostly done and drying out but pull them anyway!; out-compete native wildflowers
  • Foxtail grass (photo at right) - looks like wheat or barley, bright green; can become embedded in pet's fur, nose and mouth
  • Buffelgrass - grows in clumps, purplish seed head; bad fire hazard as it burns quickly and burns hot

For most of these it's best to bag them and put them in the trash so the seed heads don't spread. Weeding can be very gratifying if you are stressed!
The City of Tucson has a homeless protocol which brings TPD out to offer people options. How to report is described at
If Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: 520-791-4467; Neighbors can report homeless issues and the like. They will get it to the correct department.
City Services  "Cheat Sheet"   has links, emails, and phone numbers
to make it easier to reach anyone in the City
based on your need.
Roach Control Hotline
Automated line, please provide requested information and staff will return the call
(520) 724-3401

Report Sewer Odors
(520) 724-3400

SOS (Low Income bill assistance
(520) 791-5443
Dirty bus stop
Call (520) 792-9222 to report the location. You may also email  
Include pictures if you wish. All requests will be documented by Sun Tran to ensure proper follow-up takes place.
Sun Tran:
Here is our recycling list:

to read an extremely informative article on 
what can/cannot be recycled,
and it is TUCSON specific.

May 14 - Roll-offs

August 31 - Brush and Bulky

December 11 - Roll-offs
Razor scooters call 833- LAST-MILE.
Bird Scooters call 1-866-205-2442.

Numbers are posted on the scooters!
Thanks to the business and individuals who support Jefferson Park with their donations! We appreciate you!

Thanks Zach, for donating to our Entryway Signs!
And Blackjack, thanks for the deal on our annual meeting of JPNA.
Thanks to Carly Quinn for the donation of 1/2 of cost of our gateway signs!
Area Representatives

Area #1 - Mary Worthen 

Area #2 - Jon Heine

Area #3 - Laurel-Heather Milden

Area #5 - Joanne Osuna

Area #6 - Lisa Jones
Neighborhood Resources:
Recommended service Providers

TPD Lead Officer for our area: Sgt. Eric Evans, 420-405-2070, email: .
On Duty: Sat- Tues, 5pm -3am

non-emergency crime: 
emergency crime:   911

See the latest crimes in Jeff Park:

See code violations in Jeff Park:  

Report an issue with Banner: 
Emergency 24/7 (520) 268-9575
Helicopter Noise/ Banner Hospital contact BUMC Security at 694-6533. 

Report an issue with the U of A: 
24/7 available (520) 282-3649

Report an unruly gathering: Call 911   CLICK HERE   to see Flow Chart 

See historic photos of Jefferson Park:
The ward offices put out weekly updates. Jefferson Park is in Ward 3, however Ward 6 also puts out an informative newsletter so both are worth a read!

1510 E Grant*
Ward III, See Paul's e-news at:

Another newsletter chock full of information!
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik's newsletter:
Paul Durham, Ward III
Get on the List Serve! To sign up for the neighborhood list serve, send a blank email to  
or send a request for an invitation to

Facebook: Jefferson Park Pet Lost animals , found animals etc  

Facebook: Jefferson Park: Interactive communications and neighborhood friendly posts

Report Transportation Concerns : Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department of Transportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to

What is a code violation ?And whom do I call? Download  an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Editors' Note: This Constant Contact is sent only upon request and with permission. The editors, Joan Daniels, Erin Posthumus, and Joanne Osuna invite your comments.
Thanks to the editors and co-editors who check and recheck the information we send out to our neighbors. If you see an error or have an addition, let one of us know.