February 2018 @ the MACC
Here in the middle of the Pacific, we are happy to be able to experience a plethora of cultures from round and about Oceania. We celebrate the shared influences and human commonalities, learn from the lessons of history, and appreciate the art forms that we know, and the ones we are just discovering.
The few weeks between end of January and beginning of March have been a virtual journey around the southern Pacific, without having to leave Mau! Audiences at the MACC went from New Zealand with the music of Aotearoa's Finest and the dancers of Okareka ... to a stage production about immigration from Micronesia . .. and rounded back to the Hawaiian Islands with music by Henry Kapono , hula and chant with Keali'i Reichel/ H ā lau Ke'alaokamaile , and a seating historical drama by Kumu Kahua Theatre.
Oh, and along the way: let's count in the Philippines, too, with comedian A ndy Bumatai . (Okay, we know he's from O'ahu, but he does have a number of hilarious tales about his mixed plate Filipino/Hawaiian roots. :-)

We hope that you also value and participate in the wide range of cultural experiences available @ the MACC. We present these programs - and more - as part of our ongoing efforts to inspire people through personal and shared experiences of the arts. The MACC consistently offers you tours around the global arts scene, from the comfort of your theater seat... without jet lag!
I look forward to seeing you around the Pacific @ the MACC!
Art Vento, President & CEO
Around the Pacific and Back - At the MACC
New Zealand
"Mana Wahine" February 8: Okareka Dance Company from Auckland presented their program celebrating M ā ori ancestors - especially the strong women whose spirits prevail throughout the life and strife of history in New Zealand. Okareka also presented a school show for Maui intermediate and high school students on the morning of their public concert. WATCH A CLIP
"Aotearoa's Finest" January 25: Horomona Horo, Seth Haupu, Maisey Rika, and Rob Ruha of New Zealand performed a rousing concert featuring M ā ori song and chant, featuring indigenous instruments. They also presented a special school show for almost Maui 800 students on the morning of their public concert. LISTEN TO A SONG

 Students exiting the Castle Theater always like to enjoy a little post-show stretching and chatting, as they wait for their school buses to load.

A combined total of 1,032 students and teachers attended the school shows with Aotearoa's Finest and Okareka Dance Company in February!

"Masters of the Currents" March 3: Created by Leilani Chan & Ova Saopeng, this theatrical performance takes the audience into the difficult realities of life as a young Micronesian immigrant.Calling upon the shared histories of Hawai‘i’s refugees, the production begs the question: “What can we learn from these descendants of the early Pacific Ocean navigators, and how can we extend aloha to the newest people arriving here?” WATCH A CLIP
"Wild Birds" February 2 & 3: Kumu Kuhua Theatre , based in Honolulu, brought us another original play - this time a searing look into historical culture clashes: a tale told through the small yet potent slice of life in a classroom of boisterous ali'i children with their missionary teachers.
"K ū Kanaka" February 11: Kanalu Young became a quadriplegic in his teenage years after an accident. Angry and defiant through months of rehabilitation, he begins to change when he learns the Hawaiian language and studies the story of Hawai‘i's past. He earns a PhD and becomes a passionate teacher and activist f or Native Hawaiian rights. The screening of a documentary film about him preceded a discussion with panelists Shavonn-Haevyn Matsuda, librarian at UHMC; Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Hawaiian protocol facilitator at Kamehameha Schools Maui; and Kaleikoa Ka’eo, associate professor of Hawaiian studies at UHMC, facilitated by the filmmaker, Professor Marlene Booth.
Kūkahi 2018 February 17 & 18: Keali'i Reichel and H ā lau Ke'alaokamaile presented two enchanting evenings of Hawaiian music, hula, and chant. Both kumu hula and h ā lau displayed their renowned levels of performance!
Songs of C&K February 24: Henry Kapono and Friends Blayne Asing, Johnny Valentine, and Alx Kawakami performed a concert remembering the good-times-together music of C&K ...great anthems of island music.

Both last year and this year, Henry Kapono & Friends spent a full day on and around Maui before their "Songs of C&K" concert, performing free mini feel-good concerts as part of MACC's Artists in the Community program.

No one was left out: they sang to kupuna at Hale Mahaolu - Elua & Akahi ... teens & pre-teens at Kalama Intermediate School ... people in recovery at Aloha House ... people in transition at Hale A Ke Ola Resource Center.

And the babes and the chicks still flock to see these caring and giving musicians >>
There have been many educational tours and special events surrounding the popular Schaefer Portrait Challenge exhibition in the Gallery, among them the Observe & Play Family Day for small kine artists, and Techniques in Portraiture for high school artists, and on March 1: Quick-Draw Night for adult artists

Stop by to see the artists' diverse interpretations of their subjects: the people of our islands. Visit the gallery by March 7 and vote for your favorite portrait for the People's Choice Award . Schaefer Portrait Challenge is open through March 18th .
Young artists at Observe & Play Family Day

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