Offender Arrested in Home Invasion/Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of Juvenile Incidents
Dear Neighbors,

Police have arrested Hunter Best, 25, of Bloomington, Indiana in connection with the incidents that occurred early Sunday, May 27th, 2018 when he entered two residences and sexually assaulted two female juveniles.

Best is being extradited from Indiana and charged with multiple felonies, including two counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse (Class 2 felonies), one count of Home Invasion (Class X felony), and one count of Felony Criminal Trespass to residence (Class IV felony). Other charges are being investigated. The defendant is in custody and will be brought to bond court in Chicago.

We will be following this case closely in our court advocacy program. If you would like to participate in going to court to represent the community, please contact us and we will get you enrolled in the program with the 18th District.

Our entire community expresses its gratitude to the Chicago Police in the 18th District and the Detective Division who worked on this case so aggressively. The videos obtained from the community proved crucial to the apprehension of this offender.

As a reminder, we encourage everyone to be diligent about locking doors and windows as a preventative measure. If you have security cameras, please check that they are in working order.

Michele Smith
43rd Ward Alderman
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