Feb 2021
Arrowheads Up!
Welcome to the Arrowhead District Newsletter!
Virtual Roundtable
Monday February 11th at 7:30pm

Join us via Zoom using THIS link.

We will follow last month's Roundtable format. Meaning all announcements will be made on this newsletter. There will be no announcements from the floor.

We will have a quick Q&A at the beginning of Roundtable so come prepared with questions!

Although District Level events are allowed we will continue to meet virtually for the foreseeable future.
Roundtable Topics:
Spring Recruitment
Scouts BSA:
Menu planning, cooking, campout
Too see our list of Roundtable topics for the upcoming months you can see them HERE.
Roundtable Announcements
To learn more about our Scouting for Food drive please check out THIS website.

If you have any questions not answered on the website feel free to reach out to our new Scouting For Food Chairs, Dave Gutberlet and Karen Vance.
Scouting For Food
Scouting for food is an easy opportunity for our Scouts to give back to their community by collecting food for those in need. This year the need is even greater than we have seen in the past.

We will be doing things a little different than we have in the past. Scouting for Food pick-ups will be the 3 weekends between March 6th-21st.

Due to the pandemic we are encouraging units to work in small groups in either the patrol, den or family level as opposed to making it a Troop/Pack event.
University of Scouting
Please register in advance HERE. We are not accepting "walk-ins", since we are virtual this year (2021).
Registration: $15 
Youth (14-21) Registration Fee: $15 
All registrations received after Feb 28th will be assessed a late fee of $10. Online registration will close on March 7th.
Faculty/Staff Registration Fee: $5 (includes patches) 
Faculty/Staff Registration Fee: $0 (Does not include patches)
All registrations received after Feb 28th will be assessed a late fee of $10. Online registration will close on March 7th.
Registrations AFTER March 7th will not be accepted
Registration: 7:15 - 7:45am
Welcome/Opening Ceremony begins promptly at 8:00am
District Award of Merit

We are trying to update our website so that it includes dates alongside the DAM recipient. If you have received the District Award of Merit could you please send an email to Jim Arndt with the year you received the award so that we could update our website!
Council Flyers: just click to download
  1. ChoiceOne Urgent Care
  2. First-aid Kit Fundraiser

Thank you all for submitting your Charters! As we process the charters we are starting to get a sense of our final membership numbers for the year. We are currently way down in our membership numbers. This means that we are reaching less youth in our communities. If you are interested in helping us to strengthen our program in the Arrowhead district please reach out to Kevin Callahan our membership Vice Chair to see how you can help.
You can see all COVID updates HERE.
Arrowhead Life to Eagle- March 11th Virtual- REGISTRATION

Arrowhead Camporee- April 16-18th @ Broad Creek REGISTRATION

Arrowhead Day Camp- August 16th-20th @ Patapsco State Park Pickall Area- Registration coming soon

Visit the ARROWHEAD WEBSITE to see the most up-to-date calendar.

If you want to download the Arrowhead calendar you can do so by adding arrowheaddistrictwebmaster@gmail.com to your personal Gmail calendar
As we wrap up the 2020 Friends of Scouting campaign I would like to thank everyone who donated or was on our FOS team. Thanks to you, we were able to raise $63,668 towards the Scouting Program, which was 93% of our goal. With the circumstances of this year that is phenomenal! We were the 2nd closest district to goal in the council. Thank you to our FOS team led by Aaron Koos and everyone who made a contribution. I think 2021 is the year we get to 100% of goal! If you are interested in making a pledge now for 2021 you can do so by clicking the button below.
When it comes to unit Friends of Scouting Presentations there is a good chance that some will still be virtual this year. If that is the case, we plan to make it as easy as possible for every family to give. We plan to set up individual fundraising pages for each unit that wants one. This way we can share that page via email, social media, etc. Click HERE to see an example of what a unit page might look like. If you have not turned in an FOS presentation date with your charter please do that as soon as you are able! You can email Steven at ssexton@baltimorebsa.org
Summer Camp:
It's never too early to sign up for summer camp at Broad Creek. Don't wait, reserve your spot today!

Shooting Sports Day:
If your unit wants to shoot rifle, shotgun, or archery you can sign up for a shooting day HERE
Broad Creek
Family Camping: We are offering Family Camping at Broad Creek. Check out our WEBSITE to find our more information and book your stay.

Troop Camping: Your Troop can camp at Broad Creek. You will need approval from your COR and IH. Make a reservation at our WEBSITE.

Renovations: We have completed our underground water and electric facilities. This will insure more reliable power and cleaner water for our campers. If you want to check out camp or help volunteer your time reach out to our Ranger, Tom Wagner HERE
Service Opportunity
Looking for a service opportunity for your Scouts? How about building a monarch garden or starting a "Green Team" at your school? Monarch butterflies are an important part of the pollination process which is vital to much of our food supply. Monarch populations have been decimated due to habitat loss. You can help by partnering with Monarch Sister School to build a monarch garden at your school! To find out more go to THIS WEBSITE.

  • Merit Badge Counselors - Please check the accuracy of your listing in Scoutbook. Report any discrepancies to Charlie Hauss, Dean of Merit Badges. In two months we begin the process of renewing for another year. It is better to fix any issues now, than trying to do it during renewal. All Merit Badge applications MUST go through Charlie Hauss before they can be processed by Council.
  • Eagle Scouts: This year Arrowhead will have 26 Eagle Scouts!
  • EAGLE Extensions/ Covid Eagle Extensions: Attached is the BAC Time Extension Request Form for use as of Jan 1, 2021 to request ANY extensions. As of Jan 1, Councils have been delegated the authority to approve all extensions up to six months. COVID-19 is but one of what could be many reasons “outside the control of” the Scout which prevented them from completing requirements before their 18th/21st birthday. Every extension should first go through your district advancement chair before coming to Council. 
  • Delivery and implementation of the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion merit badge has been delayed; no revised schedule has been provided. More information to come.
  • A new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook has been posted by National. The workbook is significantly different than the previous versions, including that the capability to imbed pictures has been removed. Pictures are now to be included in a separate file. On the Resources - Eagle page on the BAC website, we have a link to the National page which contains the workbook. We purposefully use the link so whenever people seek to get a copy of the workbook, they get the current version issued by National. To download the file, you have to right click the button that says “download the file” and then “save link as”, in order to save the file locally for use. If you click the download the file button, you will get the “Please Wait” page that comes when you try unsuccessfully to download adobe files
  • Reach out to Charlie Hauss if you have any advancement questions. He can be reached atArrowheaddean@gmail.com

Order of the Arrow
Our next Chapter meeting will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00 pm. The Zoom invite will be sent out via email to all Arrowmen who have paid their dues.

If you have any question feel free to reach out to Brayden Ashby and Callie Geller at arrowhead@nentico.org

To find out more information check out the Order of the Arrow website HERE
Thank you for being an active member our district! If you have any questions or feedback about Arrowheads up please send me an email at ssexton@baltimorebsa.org