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Arsenic Speciation in Rice Products:
One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All Interest in the forms of arsenic in food and beverage products containing rice has significantly increased recently due to the amount of information available to the public regarding the carcinogenicity and ubiquitous nature of certain arsenic molecules. Application of a single method for the preparation and analysis of samples for arsenic speciation to all types of consumptive products containing rice (e.g., baby food, cereals, crackers, pasta, drinks) will result in haphazard failures to produce accurate results. The composition of the food or beverage and its interaction with the different arsenic species will ultimately dictate method viability.

Brooks Applied Labs Wins EBI Award for Outstanding Business Achievement in 2017

EBI 2017 Award Winner BAL is honored to receive an award from Environmental Business International for outstanding business achievement in 2017. As detailed in the award description, BAL has experienced dramatic growth in revenue and earnings over the past 3 years through diversification into new market sectors. BAL's Vice President of Operations, Annie Carter, will be in San Diego at the Environmental Industry Summit's Awards Ceremony on March 21 st to accept this award on behalf of the company. Thank you to all our wonderful clients and employees who have made our growth and success possible!
BAL Teaches 4th Graders about Groundwater
Amanda Royal teaching Groundwater
Last month BAL's Senior Project Manager, Amanda Royal, presented to the 4 th grade classes of Lake Forest Park Elementary School on the topic of groundwater supply and movement through their city. Over 90 students learned about aquifers, hydraulic time of travel, critical aquifer recharge areas, and how to protect and conserve this important water resource. The event was a huge success, providing future generations with scientific concepts to help them understand and protect their environment. BAL is proud to support our staff in these types of endeavors that further our vision and core values.

Meaningful Metals Data and Advanced Speciation Solutions
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