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  Art Snippets - January 2018
Aloise Corbaz
For the investors.....

Art investing requires knowledge and education.  If you want to be successful in art investing, become familiar with the various genres of visual art and the artists who are recognized in each category.  Featured this month is Outsider Artist Aloise Corbaz.  What is meant by "outsider art"? ....art created by self-taught artists who are not connected to the mainstream art world or educational art institutions, and whose work is often only discovered after their death.

If you are looking to invest in outsider art, take a look at   The Hot List for Outsider Art.... 
Italian Artist, Cesare Catania
For collectors - novice and experienced

Should my art match my sofa?  Does finding art you like feel like looking for a needle in a haystack? It certainly can given the abundance of resources available.  Build your confidence in making selections with one simple concept - trust what you like - even if it is not popular.  Do a little research on how to go about the process.

Collecting art is a journey of discovery and personal enrichment.
Who's Buying What?

Simply put - everyone is buying everything.  Two dimensional, multi-dimensional, high tech art, fabric art, paintings in all mediums, photography, drawings....the list goes on and on.  Locally, The Bruce S. Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield Public Library hosts 6 to 7 shows per year featuring every kind of art imaginable.  The most recent show, " Pencil, Brush & Needle" featuring three artists working in three different mediums (drawing, painting, quilting) sold to collectors of every medium. 

On a more global scale art buying trends continue to drive changes in the art of buying.  Read the 4 top trends for 2017......
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