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December 15, 2016

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Opportunity through Education

It took 25 days for Mr. Okiyo to craft his giraffe out of clay
Art at Kiwimbi

The Art Program at Kiwimbi is flourishing, providing new opportunities and uncovering otherwise hidden talents. From drawing and painting to weaving to pottery and beyond, both young and old have an opportunity to learn new or hone existing skills. 

There are several reasons why art is an important component of our educational efforts. A rt can serve as a tool for kids in school who may benefit from a creative approach to learning. For some of our students it can become a career.  See, for instance, our art teacher Hosea with a deaf protege.
Without Kiwimbi, she would not have the same opportunity to expand her expressive skills :


Or art can serve as a visual connection with the culture and the past, both for young ones and for visitors:

The art program is just one component of Kiwimbi's broad approach to education which recognizes that not all students thrive with traditional approaches.

Here_s How You Can Be Part of Kiwimbi Too_
Here's How YOU Can Be a Part of the Kiwimbi Community!

Help Us Meet Our Goals Before the End of the Year!

Give Now To Help the Art Program to Continue Flourishing. 

Motivated and eager, children in rural western Kenya want to learn, but schools are way under-resourced and over-crowded. You can help make education accessible and learning easier.

For first-hand accounts of life in rural Kenya from the children's perspectives, check out our KAP collection.  Proceeds from the sale of these books support our efforts to bring educational opportunity to the community.

It is easy to support Kiwimbi and the students!
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