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Dear RWF Friends,

Rainbow World Fund is proud to partner with Chicago artist Jeff Conroy for a special auction of an original work created to honor and benefit the victims of the tragic shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida. 

On August 18, artist Jeff Conroy and Barbara Papaleo Poma, owner of Pulse, unveiled Conroy's most recent work "Art for Orlando" at the Orange Country Administration Building in Orlando.  
"Art for Orlando", Jeff Conroy's original work created to honor all who were touched by the shooting at Pulse. 

The mixed media collage is now on display at the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Orlando until the end of the eBay auction period on Monday, August 29, 2016 at 5:51 p.m. PDT.  A small number of limited edition prints are available at the CityArts Factory with proceeds benefiting the victims.
Artist Jeff Conroy with Pulse owner Barbara Papleo Poma at the unveiling of "Art for Orlando."   
A veteran to the charity art scene, Conroy has created numerous pieces to benefit those in need. Most notably he set an auction record in 1999 for the highest price paid for a sculpture on line when his cow "Mirroriam" from Chicago's cows on parade sold for $65,500 benefiting Chicago's "Off the Street Club".  Conroy believes art can help heal while raising funds to benefit those in need.

Conroy's "Mirroriam" set an record when it was auctioned for $65,000. 
Only hours before posting this piece to ebay charities, Conroy learned that the owner of Pulse Nightclub was in fact a high school classmate of his, Barbara Papeleo Poma. "Barbara and I spoke for the first time in almost 30 years. My world got a lot smaller when I realized that the courageous woman who owns Pulse was someone I knew as a kid. My heart goes out to Barbara Papeleo Poma and all those lives touched by this horrible tragedy."   

"I hope that the spirit of this piece as well as the funds it raises help to heal, both emotionally and physically, all those to have been so greatly affected."  - Jeff Conroy

All of the funds that RWF raises during this campaign will be distributed by the OneOrlando Fund.


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Jeff Cotter
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