January 26, 2021
Sue Sioux Presents
Art From the Heart
Art from the Heart, an online art fundraiser, will celebrate Cat Care Society's 40th anniversary which occurs in 2021. This auction will run from Valentine’s Day through the end of February. It will feature unique works of art with bidding starting at 40% of their list price in honor of our 40th anniversary. Participating artists who have generously donated art include Cheryl St. John, Jackie McFarland, Mary Clark, Tanis Bula and many more. We have 41 pieces which will be available in the auction.

The link for the online bidding will be made available through Facebook and our Mewsletter a few days before the event begins, and will go live at 4pm on February 14th. Bidders will be able to make bids through the last day of February.
Virtual Catty Hour Kicks Off Auction
February 14
Our Director of Outreach, Suellen Scott, will host a virtual Catty Hour on February 14th and will show each piece of art in our Art from the Heart auction. You can join in the Catty Hour from 4pm to 6pm on February 14th with this link: Catty Hour.

Plan on having a glass of your favorite wine available, with maybe a snack, and join CCS for the virtual opening night of our auction!
Sue Sioux's Birthday Wish

Hello....I'm Isabella! I am a very sweet 7 year old girl who loves to chat. Besides visiting, I especially enjoy cozy beds and laps to sit in. I'm a devoted lovebug and like pretty much everyone I meet.

I came to Cat Care Society after my owner could no longer care for me. Other animals frighten me, so I would like to be the only pet in the home. I do have litter box issues that will likely not change, so I need an owner or permanent foster who will be accepting of that challenge. I also take a Fluoxetine pill once a day. A month's supply of those costs $24.

I would love a home with a nice couple or older person where the environment is calm and peaceful, and full of love, attention, and patience. Lots of snug beds would be nice too. Please come and meet me....we might be made for each other!
Ask Sue Sioux
Dear Sue Sioux,

Why do cats love catnip so much?"

Dear Cat Lover,

Most of us love catnip because it makes us feel extra happy. The catnip plant is part of the mint family and contains an oil called nepetalactone. When we cats smell nepetalactone, it stimulates special receptors in our bodies that sense pheromones. This gives us an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Even larger cats, like lions and tigers, enjoy catnip! Not all cats react to catnip the same way and some don't react to it at all. It's believed that we inherit our love of catnip from our parents.

Pretty cool, isn't it? Try some on your own cat and see what happens!

Thanks for asking,

Sue Sioux
Yeowww Toys at Meow Mart
Cats love toys that simulate prey in real life. The Pollock Fish, the Yellow Fish, and the Krinkle Lady Bug are all good options. The Krinkle Lady Bug makes enticing noises too! Cats love the premium catnip tucked in each of them as well. Check them out, and our other cat toys and supplies at our online Meow Mart.
Shelter Cat Valentine Drive
Please help ensure that every shelter cat at Cat Care Society has its valentine sponsored this year. The handcrafted picture valentines are $10 each and will be available at the Meow Mart link from February 1 through the 14th. The funds will all go toward the care, feeding, and shelter of our cats. Thank you for participating!
Shelter Supplies Needed
The shelter is much in need of paper towel and clumping litter. The cats, volunteers, and staff would be so appreciative if you can help. Donations can be left in the lobby from 8-4pm Thursday through Monday.

Thank you for your support!
Petline 9

Suellen Scott and one of our more sociable cats will be appearing on Petline 9 on February 12. She will introduce the cats and also talk about our mission at CCS. Tune in to Channel 9 at 8:50am and 4:50pm that day.
Sue Sioux's Birthday Portrait

If you would like to make a donation to Cat Care Society in honor of my birthday, please click Donate, or if you would like to purchase a formal 8 x 10 birthday portrait (see my picture), please click here. The are three portraits to choose from and may be purchased for $25.

It makes me so happy that everyone cares about me so much. 

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