May 2017 Dream Journal
Cambodian Community Dream Organization
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On the Ground Report
Ordinary people can do
extraordinary things
that make a difference
in the world,
one child at a time.
Congratulations to our Marathon Man, Chris 'Bunny' Warren, who with his two strong legs and a caring heart, raised an abundance of money for : one Well, two Latrines, plus $500 worth of supplies for Kiriminoun School. We will be running for CCDO in Siem Reap Marathon on 3 December. Who wants so join us?
Health Initiative Follow-up
We continue to monitor the kids at both Tapang & Kiri Schools with basic health tests. 13% of all students are referred to doctors. Some have just vision, hearing or dental issues, other need more help. Those whose parents are unable to transport them for treatments are taken with our Pepin Tuk Tuk into Siem Reap for medical intervention.

Art Speaking from the Heart
After the Khmer New Year vacation, the students are back at school. They will be able to see their schoolmates finished booklets, created with the help of our volunteer graphic designer from the Netherlands, Brian Bibi, during his 10-day visit in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They show & tell, their hopes and dreams, and also some heartbreaking challenges they face everyday.
Their drawings reveal more than we could find out by simply asking. To give you a taste of the power of the student’s art, here is a drawing made by Sophal, a 17-year old student at TaPang School, speaking out about Domestic Violence.
Later this month, all 10 booklets will be published & available on Amazon and as perks through a Crowdfunding project to support a dedicated Art Program & Teacher coming soon! Stay tuned!
Staff News
Welcome to Mora Ry, who is our new WASH Coordinator. He was brought onto the team, as our WASH Coordinator, Leangseng Hoy moved up the ladder to become our Executive Director. He has years of experience as both a WASH Coordinator as well as Food, Health and Hygiene Manager. He is the perfect addition for our team on the ground. Mora's primary responsibility is our important Well Maintenance Program.
The staff joined in the celebration of the wedding of our Education Coordinator, Sovoan Sem. The Khmer wedding was celebrated in style with one of our long term volunteers, Harriet Foden, as her bridesmaid. Wishing her and her new husband many years of happiness.
Volunteer News
A warm Welcome to Antonio Rosso from Spain. Antonio has been doing double duty and making sure that our accounting system flows and is in order. He has also worked on our HR principals and is in the process of reinventing Staff Health Care benefits. We have created a special fund for our employees to use in case of illness.
Special Thanks to Donors
Elizabeth & Ed Johnson have generously donated $1,000 towards our Education program. They are truly Dream Givers to many.
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