Welcome to Cafe Cultura's
June 2013 newsletter! We're excited to keep in touch with you regarding our continued growth in fulfilling our mission. 

Caf´┐Ż Cultura's mission is to promote unity and healing among Indigenous peoples through creative expression while empowering youth to find their voice, reclaim oral and written traditions, and become leaders in their communities. 

We hope this message finds you and your family in good health and spirits.  This newsletter helps us keep you informed of our growth as an organization. Please review and support us in any way you can. 

Cafe Cultura presents Art in the Park: open mic with spoken word, music, art, vendors, food, & community! 


Spread the word...Bring your family & friends!!!!!  




Note: Make sure to come early to sign up and get a good seat. As always, we welcome anybody who is willing to help in our work in the community. 

WHEN: 2nd Fri. of every month...June 14th, July 12th, August 9th

--->Marketplace w/ Vendors @ 6:30pm
--->Food & Show @ 7pm

WHERE: La Alma/Lincoln Park Amphitheater (12th Ave & Osage St...next to the swimming pool); if it rains....Denver Inner City Parish/La Academia (9th Ave & Galapago St)

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night

Come express yourself creatively or just chill with your people

$3 (nobody turned away)...Everyone is welcome!

June Features:
--->Showcase of Workshop Participants from College Track, KIPP Denver Collegiate HS, and STRIVE Prep SMART HS: Youth from these sites have done an amazing job with Cafe Cultura's intensive workshop series. In addition to publishing books of poetry (see covers below), they performed for their communities. Now they will come together to share their words and insights with Cafe Cultura's regular audience.
---->Art from local students...including those from STRIVE Prep SMART HS. We are open to displaying artwork from other youth. Contact us to arrange it.
For more info: info@cafecultura.org; 720-394-6589; www.cafecultura.org

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Colfax Marathon Fundraising a Success!

Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts to raise money for our spoken word workshops. Whether you ran and/or donated, you gave of yourself to benefit the youth with whom we work. We appreciate your continued support!

If you're interested in being involved in some way next year, let us know. Until then, here is a photo of most of our group.
Interested in being more involved in Cafe Cultura?

If you have ever thought of contributing ideas and energy to help Cafe Cultura better serve our community, we invite you to attend the following meeting:
Cafe Cultura Collective, Advisory Board, & Volunteer Informational Meeting/Dialogue
When: Sunday, June 9th @ 12:00pm (we will have a Collective/Advisory Board meeting @ 1pm if you're interested)

Where: Our office (1029 Santa Fe Dr)
This will be the last info meeting for a while. If you really want to attend and cannot, contact us to schedule another day/time.

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or concerns. For now, feel free to check out our 2012 Annual Report (it's online!). Just click on the cover below.
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-Colfax Marathon a Success!-
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Contact Information

Cafe Cultura
P.O. Box 11791
Denver, CO 80211

Office: 1029 Santa Fe Dr Unit #6
Hours: Mon-Thurs from 9am to 4:30pm
Fri from 1 to 4:30pm.


Workshops for Youth

We enjoyed hearing from youth in our spoken word workshops at the following schools and conferences: Sims-Fayola International Academy, Academy High School, Carbondale Middle School, and the Educational Forum of West Denver @ Lincoln HS. 
If you are interested in having Cafe Cultura present at your school or organization, feel free to contact us. Our basic version is a one time, 1 to 2 hour session. We have used this workshop structure for over six years to encourage Chicana/o and Native youth to use spoken word to give voice to our stories of love, struggle, injustice, and celebration.

We have started discussing monthly spoken word workshops in our space at 1029 Santa Fe Dr. Let us know if you would be interested and what days/times would work best.

We are proud of the participants in our advanced/intensive workshop series. In addition to writing some powerful poems, students at College Track and KIPP Denver Collegiate HS did a great job performing in front of their peers and families. We are really excited to have them perform in a community showcase with students from STRIVE Prep SMART HS on June 14th (see event details and the book covers to the left).

Excerpt from a student @ STRIVE Prep SMART:


"I feel the rush of anxiety in my bones.

The fear of failure creeps into my mind.

It's a quick jab to my stomach.

The pain I feel,

the breath I've lost,

it's my own fault.

I put my hands up.

I won't lose.

I won't be my own downfall.






The punches are swift as I dominate.

I will not fail.

I will overcome this."


If you're interested in our workshops, please contact us



Make sure to read future newsletters for more updates...

Exciting Updates

-Thank you to those who came out to our May Open Mic (you missed a good one if you didn't attend). In addition to some great talent on the open mic, everyone was blown away by our feature: Alexis Rain Vigil. Her powerful words definitely impressed. Shout out to Cafe Cultura Collective member David Ocelotl Garcia for bringing his instruments (flutes, drums, rattles) and leading the energy-filled jam session. Thank you to 
WORD (Warriors Organizing and Rising in Denver)
  for sharing your work and encouraging audience members to get involved in the community. We also appreciate the opportunity to showcase the art of Mat Barkhausen and April Tsosie
Below are some photos from the event.

-Growth: We are honored to serve as a placement site for Sarahi Guadalupe Hernandez as she completes her Practicum for Metropolitan State University of Denver's Human Services program. We look forward to working with her in 1) developing our "Words to Action" youth leadership program; 2) coordinating our "Art in the Park" summer open mic/art showcase series; & 3) building the structures for increased involvement from volunteers and interns.
-Performances/shows from Cafe Cultura Collective members: If you want us to host an open mic featuring our spoken word artists, contact us ASAP. Funds will go to sustaining our organization and the work we do in the community (especially our workshops for youth).

-Internship and volunteer opportunities: If you are interested in helping build our organization while gaining valuable experience and making connections, please let us know. We will post detailed descriptions soon.
-Feel free to visit our website
often for updates (click on the image).


-We need your help: We're still distributing Cafe Cultura Collective Compilation books to local schools and organizations working with youth (especially to those serving mostly Native & Chican@/Raza youth) free of charge. If you're interested or know of contacts, send us an email (info@cafecultura.org). We'd definitely appreciate it...
Compilation Cover