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"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann
August 2017

Have you been enjoying summer? We've been busy with residential and commercial projects here at Metro Interiors, including design enhancements for a Senior Housing space. We've been choosing artwork for the residential hallways, creating a gallery feel complete with tags next to the pieces describing the name and medium. It's been a very enjoyable process to work with the design committee.

Although work and life can seem intense at times, especially finding a balance with the two, I'm always sure to make room for joy.

With my clients I try to take the stress out of making design changes using my "Fun" Shui Way. Creating a feel-good new space should be a feel-good process!

Earlier this summer I had the good fortune to meet with Kay Hofler, one of our Virtual Art Gallery artists, whose work is pure fun. A friend of mine who knew how much I loved Kay's work bought this piece as a gift for me (pictured at right). I was thrilled and it lifts my spirits every time I see it.

We've also used a couple of Kay's pieces in the Laguna Beach Condo design, see below.

I love how Kay takes ordinary objects and makes them dynamic. Her artistic talent and skill for magnifying them makes for beautiful interpretations.

Do you have uplifting art in your space? I believe you should decorate with pieces that make you smile, everyday. Art has the power to change your space, and change your life! 
W armest Regards,

Julie Ann 
Featured Artist Kay Hofler                  
"Sweet Tooth" by Kay Hofler 
Kay Hofler has been a professional artist and a member of The Artists Gallery, located in Virginia Beach, since 1997. She has exhibited in many local shows, and received numerous awards for her unique artwork, in which she depicts ordinary objects in an extraordinary way.

"I choose to paint in a large format to create beautiful and powerful images that dominate and enhance the space where humans live and work," says Kay.

Currently, her artwork is on display at The Artists Gallery, and can be viewed amongst private and public collections across the eastern United States.

Read more about Kay here or view her work in the Virtual Art Gallery

To purchase a piece, Contact Julie Ann
"Transforming uninspiring spaces into spaces of beauty can have a profoundly positive effect on the people who occupy those spaces."
-Kay Hofler
More Art by Kay Hofler                    
I've been so grateful to have the opportunity to travel many times to Laguna Beach, CA in the past 5 years to work on the redesign of this beach condo.

First we completed a rework of the laundry area, and then last summer I finished up some updates including window treatments, accessories and installing artwork.

I helped the homeowner select a few of Kay Hofler's pieces, which we installed to add vibrant, fun energy - perfect for the beach getaway setting.

Deep red cherries (at left) and elegant and soothing succulents (below, middle) grace the living area.

Seashells (below, bottom) add a tranquil feel to the bedroom.


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