Rabbit and Raspberry Meet Beetle and Bonsai
Frankie Gollub's work is inspired by art history, notably 15th century Italian and Netherlandish art, 17th century Dutch painting and 19th century landscape painters, such as Constable, J.M.W. Turner and American painters of the Hudson River School. We love his quirky, vibrant still life paintings.
Boiled Cabbage with Bonsai Tree, Pomegranate, and Cute Creatures,
Oil on ACM panel, 18 x 15.75 in: LINK
Millie Sims Prints
From abstract adaptations of Audubon prints and Slim Aarons photographs to low-country landscapes and chinoiserie patterns, these prints by Millie Sims put a fresh, modern spin on recognizable images of comfort.
CZ Guest in Palm Beach, Millie Sims, Limited Edition Print, 1/5, 20 x 20 in: LINK
Flamingo, Millie Sims, Limited Edition Print, 1/5, 18 x 24 in: LINK
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Ever since she was a young girl painting in her grandmother's studio, Memphis artist Megan Hurdle has seen the world a little differently.

In her words, she creates art pieces that "elevate the mundane, make beautiful what many might see as ugly and connect, if only for a moment, with the raw, the real, the remarkable. "

Green Eyes is available for purchase through our consignment services. Whether you are looking to transition a piece to a new owner or find a special gem, we look forward to working with you.
Green Eyes, Megan Hurdle,
Oil and Mixed Media on Wood Panel,
42 x 42 in: LINK