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Achieve Respect
Respect : Friendship
Artist in Residence Unveiled March 05 2020
Achieve Language academy artist talk.

First off, I want to congratulate the good work all the 3 rd graders accomplished on this project. I also want to give a special thanks to Ms. Videen and Ms Brandt for handing over their classrooms and their support for this project. The design is very intricate, and everyone did a super job, took the time they needed to do good work and accomplished something amazing! For more photos and the rest of the artist talk, please visit the story on our website. Achieve 2020

~ Malcom Potek
Art in the World
Nadege Desgenetez
I had the pleasure of working and sharing meals with Ms Nadège Desgenétez in Portland OR at a Bullseye glass factory teachers retreat. Unapologetic and open in her thinking I hope to have the opportunity to meet again. Currently showing at Heller Gallery Her work references the body, familiar landscapes and the process of glass blowing. She says that glass blowing is ‘at once physical and mental and requires a commitment to the present, a keen awareness of the body’s boundaries and abilities and of the specific needs of the molten glass. The material is shaped by touch, with breath, answering every move, in a sequence that cannot be interrupted or postponed. Objects made of hand blown glass embody the process through which they are made.’
Nadege Desgenetez Currently works, teaches at Australian National University.
C lass Notes
Upcoming classes
Forged of Fire and Water.
*Note: Participants are required to have previous experience with hot glass or participated in a Try-iT session. Consider brushing up at an upcoming Italian Soft Glass Try-iT!
This is a torchwork, intermediate level class. You'll learn how to make clean usable frit from a large chunks of glass.
From that frit we will create filligrana cane, work on barrel-shaped beads,
and general frit application.
Students will make two beads and leave with gold aventurine cane and about an ounce of goldstone frit.*

Intro Level Try-iT! Classes
Just try it ... you'll like it.
| 10am - 1pm
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Opportunity to Create & Further Technique for All Levels