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2016 Year in Review 
Art with a Heart in Healthcare provides personalized fine art experiences that enhance the healing process 
for patients and their families. 

Since our founding in 2001 by cousins Lori Guadagno and Lisa Ullmann, Art with a Heart in Healthcare has served more than 70,000 children and their families in Jacksonville, Florida including Wolfson Children's Hospital, Nemours Children's Clinic, and Brooks Rehabilitation.
Our talented team of artists in residence, community volunteers and interns from the University of North Florida and the University of Florida develop individualized art sessions in order to meet the unique needs of each patient. Together, artists and patients create art that reclaims the child's sense of self from illness.
Our emphasis on patient-directed creative expression helps humanize the high-tech atmosphere of clinical settings. The physicians, patients and families we work with report that our services help diminish fear and relieve pain while empowering children who find themselves in a powerless situation.




We believe that creativity is fundamental to the human experience; that artistic expression promotes physical health and mental well-being that leads to improved patient outcomes.


Achievements and Events

  • Displayed UNMASKED patient exhibit at MOCA Jacksonville, Unity Plaza, Main Library, and Ponte Vedra Cultural Center, and FSCJ North Campus
  • Displayed EXPRESS YOUR SELFIE patient exhibition at Jacksonville International Airport, and The Grotto Restaurant
  • Opened new patient exhibition INSIDE THE OUTLINE August 7 at MOCA Jacksonville
  • Displayed INSIDE THE OUTLINE patient exhibition at Main Library in Downtown Jacksonville
  • Started partnership with UF Master Arts in Medicine program for Interns
  • 5 Interns came through the program
  • Expanded services to the Wolfson Emergency Department 2 days a week
  • Expanded to 5 days a week in Nemours clinic (up from 3 days)
  • Added jewelry and caricature artists to Nemours Children's Clinic 
  • Facilitated family workshop at Nemours Children's Clinic 
  • Facilitated workshop for "See You at the Top" (included thirty teens and their mentors)
  • Attended The National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military symposium 
  • Attended The University of Florida's Center for Arts in Medicine Annual Arts in Medicine Summer Intensive  
  • Facilitated art sessions at Remembrance Weekend with The Jay Fund (over 100 Family Members Attending)
  • Hosted 3 art sessions in the Wolfson Media Center; hope to increase to 6 sessions in 2017
  • Provided art session for Wolfson 55 event
  • Expanded services to Brooks Rehabilitation bi-weekly
  • Two fundraisers at Stellers Gallery, Ponte Vedra location - raised $8,000
  • House Concert Fundraiser, October 2016 - raised $6500 
  • Attended workshop- Caring for Children with Behavioral Disorders 
  • Hues Of Healing; a documentary film highlighting Art with a Heart in Healthcare program and the Inside the Outline patient exhibition created by Kylie Foster, a film major, at The Douglas Anderson School of the Arts 
  • Facilitated workshop for Daniel House (included thirty children and Daniel House staff)
  • Maintained strong working Board of Directors, with new Chairperson among 5 of 6 members; board meets 6 times per year 

  Over 70,000 patients and families served from 2001 - 2016
  • 20,861 Patients Served:
    • Wolfson: 18,121 patients
    • Nemours: 2,649 patients
    • RMDH: 64 patients
    • Brooks:  27 patients
       % Increase from 2015
  • Total 16%     
  • Number of interns: 5
  • Number of Volunteers: 16
 Visiting Artists
  • Steve Barr
  • Bob Drost  
  • Maddie Firestone
  • Matt Richards
  • Tony Rodrigues
  • Anthony Aiuppy

Art with a Heart is grateful for the selfless devotion of our volunteers.
Patsy Moore
Pati Merrill
Rachel Smith
Alexis Audate
Jessica Smoleroff
Traci Jones
Justin Hamilton
Jill Olmo
Brooke McKinney
Helen Meatte
Sue Canelli
Janet Massey
Lisa Miyares
Katherine Cox
Amanda Towner
Ericka Ferreira


Board of Directors
Jennifer Guthrie- Board Chair
Brooks Cannon- Secretary
Judy Powell- Treasure
Kacey Roache
Hillary Whitaker
Board of Advisors

Lori Guadagno ~ Co-founder
Lisa Ullmann ~ Co-founder
Robert Monsky
Cynthia Jacoby Greene
Katherine Loeb
Sam Hall
Guy Cuddihee
Kathy Soler-Sala
Melissa Roland
Honorary Trustees
Louise Freshman Brown
Professor University of North Florida
Suzanne Taylor
Community Volunteer
Karen Wolfson
Wolfson Children's Hospital

Sponsors and Patnerships
AWAHIH extends our appreciation to the many philanthropic organizations, businesses and individuals who supported our mission during 2016.  The success of our programs would not be possible without you.  We look forward to a prosperous and exciting 2017.
Baptist Foundation
Wolfson Children's Hospital
 Services and Programs

Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation  Nemours Children's Clinic Services   

Nemours Children's Health System
Nemours Children's Clinic Services 

Florida Department of State
Wolfson Children's Hospital
 Services and Programs

Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation for the Arts, Inc.
 Music and Storytelling for  
Wolfson Children's Hospital 
Behavioral Health Services 

Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc.
Ronald McDonald House Services  

First Tennessee Foundation
Wolfson Children's Hospital
 Patient Exhibit at MOCA Jacksonville

Hall-Halliburton Foundation
Wolfson Children's Hospital
 Services and Programs

Taylor and Mathis of Florida Inc.
Donation of AWAHIH office

Cummer Family Foundation
Wolfson Children's Hospital
 Services and Programs

LAROSE Foundation
LAROSE Foundation
Wolfson Children's Hospital
 Services and Programs

Brooks Rehabilitation 
Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital Services and Programs

The Price Family 
 Advised Fund
The Price Family Advised Fund
Program and Services

"Unmasked" Patient Exhibition
Rachael - Age 12

 "Inside the Outline" Patient Exhibition
Robin - Age 15

Family Workshop 
 Neumors Children's Clinic

"Art to Go" Bag
Bedside Session

Wolfson Media Center Art Session
with Maddie Firestone

 "Art with a Heart definitely enriches the lives of our patients, siblings and parents and gives them a wonderful opportunity to express themselves. Each artist, volunteer and student with the program is an asset and brings with them very special talents to share.


- Pat Kirkland, WCH - Manager Family Support Services 
We appreciate the people and organizations who helped in community outreach through supply drives and donations.

  • Carter Family - Catie Cares Art-to-Go Bags
  • Jacksonville Country Day School - Art-to-Go Bags
  • Kavelieros Family - Art-to-Go Bags
  • Mett Family - Art Supplies
  • Hannah Mendelson - Art Supplies
  • St Marks Episcopal Day School - Art Supplies
  • Stellers Gallery - Art Supplies
  • Bolles School - Art Supplies
  • Sandy Lake Jr High School - Art Supplies

Art with a Heart
in Healthcare

Christy Ponder
Executive Director
Artist in Residence

Lori Presto, MSW
Program Director
Artist in Residence
Ajamu Mutima
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Cheryl Splane-Borja
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Samantha Solley
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital and Brooks Rehabilitation
Laura Meier
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital & Kids Together Against Cancer
Matt Richards
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital and Brooks Rehabilitation
Maddie Firestone
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Korey Cunningham
Artist in Residence
Wolfson and Nemours
Anne Roberts
Artist in Residence
Wolfson and Nemours
Bob Drost
Artist in Residence

Alexis Audate
Artist in Residence
Wolfson Children's Hospital

Services Provided by  Grants/Fundraisers

  • Cure Search Grant- Added 2 days to Nemours Children's Clinic
  • "INSIDE THE OUTLINE" patient exhibit at MOCA Jacksonville - First Tennessee Foundation
  • Two hour music & storytelling sessions weekly in Wolfson Behavioral Unit - Woodcock Grant
  • Additional Artist in Residence at Wolfson for 30 hours a week - Florida Department of State Grant
  • Additional Artist in Residence at Wolfson for 20 hours a week - Cummer Grant
  • Additional Artist in Residence at Wolfson Emergency Department for 10 hours a week - Cummer Grant
  • Two additional group art sessions in Wolfson Behavioral Health - Hall-Halliburton Foundation
  • Distribution of 900 Art-to-Go Bags - Carter Family, Sarah Hedden, JCDS & Kavelieros Family
  • Artist in Residence at Nemours Children's Clinic for 10 hours a week - Tom Coughlin Jay Fund 
  • Jay Fund Remembrance Weekend with over 100 family participants - Tom Coughlin Jay Fund 
  • Assistance in patient produced art for three fundraising Auctions- Tom Coughlin Jay Fund 
  • Kids Together Against Cancer group art sessions - Kids Together Against Cancer
  • Two Artists in Residence at Ronald McDonald House once a week - Ronald McDonald House (ended May 2016)
  • Extended nights and weekends- Hall-Halliburton Foundation
  • Brooks Rehabilitation bi-weekly sessions- Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital

Services included but not  limited to:  
  • Group art sessions
  • Bedsides
  • Visiting artist sessions
  • Art requests
  • Photography
  • Jewelry design
  • Origami
  • Music
  • Storytelling
  • Caricature artist (new in 2016)
  • Media Art Shows