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ArtFull Moment: "Share"Wednesday,  January 12, 2011
"Share" ArtFull Moment by Emmie Derise copyright 2011
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Emmie Derise
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About this Week's ArtFull Moment:  "Share"
Locals will recognize the landmark Four Peaks, also known for it's rich, purple amethysts.  I caught it at sunset when it was bathed in golden light, causing it's foothills to be very prominent.  They reminded me of strong shoulders.   We all sometimes need  some extra strength, and a good hug can be just enough  of a boost to get us through.  With gratitude and blessings,  Emmie
About Us
ArtFull Moments by Emmie Derise are original works featuring her photography, graphic design and writing.  Begun in August, 2008, the ArtFull Moments Project was and continues to be Emmie's offering to Humanity.  Together, let us make our way through the transformation ongoing in our lives, our businesses, our nations, and our World.  Emmie Derise is the Director of Estrella Fine Art with offices in Scottsdale and Gisela, Arizona, and a presence on the web worldwide.  She provides corporate and residential art consultation service, to unite people with artwork that supports them on all levels at home, in business spaces, and public places.