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ArtFull  Moments  Message: "Soon"
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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About this week's ArtFull Moments Message: "Soon".
This Midwinter Message is a promise the Earth always keeps, and one we can also make to ourselves.  The amaryllis juxtaposed against a snowy background invites us  into  vivid  red trumpets.  Follow our deepest thoughts, to an inner place where  restlessness stirs.  Gather together our alliess, our desires, and our plans.  Make them ready to plant into the Earth when the soil warms again, Soon.

This particular amaryllis has bloomed steadily since December.  This is its third and largest set of flowers.

Surely, peace of spirit shall prevail as you move through your week.  Be kind to yourself and those you meet.   Graciously accept kindness from others.  Nourish and cherish  your loved ones. Take good care.  


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Emmie Derise
Estrella Fine Art
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ArtFull Moments by Emmie Derise are original works featuring her photography, graphic design and writing.  Begun in August, 2008, the ArtFull Moments Project was and continues to be Emmie's offering to Humanity.  Together, let us make our way through the transformation ongoing in our lives, our businesses, our nations, and our World.  Emmie Derise is the Director of Estrella Fine Art based in Gisela Valley near Payson, Arizona. She provides corporate and residential art consultation service, to unite people with artwork that supports them on all levels at home, in business spaces, and public places. "We bring art to life, and life to space!"