January 2022

News of the Women's Caucus for Art New Hampshire Chapter
The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to create community through art, education, and social activism
Dear Artists

I’ve belonged to a Concord-based book club for many years. I enjoy the friendship of its members and the fact that it takes me out of my comfort zone of non-fiction. I’ve read so many excellent books over those years, but not one by or about Judy Chicago. So, I ordered her autobiography: The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago.
You all probably know a lot about Judy Chicago, but I’ve missed her in my brief art education. A note of clarification…..I was a graduate level Registered Dietitian for 40 years with my head firmly in public health. After retiring, I started learning about encaustic art and never looked back. But, Judy Chicago-how did I miss her? She is a phenom. As a young adult in the 1970’s I was so self-involved that it’s not surprising that I missed it. But really there is no excuse! See if your local library has it or if you can order it through interlibrary loan. You’ll be glad you did! Speaking of books, artnet has published an article naming 20 books about the art world that will keep you reading through the new year: https://news.artnet.com/art-world/book-recommendations-2021-2049773?utm_content=buffer02849&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=news

The WCA conference in Chicago had planned a Zoom and Panel discussion about feminist art and the Womanhouse project including the work of Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapirio. There will be 15 artists on this panel. Unfortunately, it has been rescheduled to a future date. Check out https://nationalwca.org/programs/ for the date of this Zoom panel.

Val Long



The WCA Art Book Club was formed in partnership with the WCA Colorado Chapter to foster understanding of women in the arts and their contributions. Books are chosen by members and discussed bi-monthly via Zoom. Join us for first our pick for 2022!
January 12 at 8 pm EST
The Heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris
by Marc Petitjean
This intimate account offers a new, unexpected understanding of the artist’s work and of the vibrant 1930s surrealist scene.
In 1938, just as she was leaving Mexico for her first solo exhibition in New York, Frida Kahlo was devastated to learn from her husband, Diego Rivera, that he intended to divorce her. This latest blow followed a long series of betrayals, most painful of all his affair with her beloved younger sister, Cristina, in 1934. In early 1939, anxious and adrift, Kahlo traveled from the United States to France—her only trip to Europe, and the beginning of a unique period of her life when she was enjoying success on her own.
Click here to register via WCA Colorado https://www.wcaco.org/copy-of-news-events


Museum of the White Mountains at Plymouth State University

"From Isolation to Community"

Silver Center for the Arts
October 16 to February 18
Open M - F, 7am - 7pm

Co-curators Suzan Gannet and Maundy Mitchell

From WCA/NH or our Pods,

Liz Grace
Janet Cocchiaro
Maryellen Sakura
Elizabeth D'Amici
Alma Grand
Annette Mitchell
Suzan Gannett
Susan Lirakis
Martha Stevermer
Davida Cooke
Joan Barnum
Marian Federspiel
Cilla Sheehan
Betsy Ayotte
Mimzie Uhler
Kimberly JB Smith
Paulette Brace
Maundy Mitchell

This is a great show with 90 pieces. It is worth the trip!


Happy new year! Got into the WCA Chicago show in January! 
2 other pieces were chosen as well. 
Going out to Chicago Jan. 20th for one of the openings. WCA conf. In February.

~Karen Jonash


You are challenged to do 15 minutes of some kind of art every day for the next 100 days. 
If you choose to accept the challenge, please create a daily report / record / notebook for yourself and record your particular art activity in it everyday.  If you miss a day of art or crafting, you will need to start over. 
     When you are ready to begin, start your report with "DAY 1" and note in it DAILY exactly what artistic skill you did for at least 15 minutes on that day. Add in photographs if you wish, and make yourself a unique little progress book.  
    Your art / craft can be anything you want, in any sort of medium. Start something new or work on old UFO's. It can be something for personal use, gift, commission, or upcoming gallery exhibition. But it does NOT have to be one project for the entire 100 days. Work on any number of projects (100 different ones if you like), as long as you spend 15 minutes every day on something artistic. It can even be something written like poetry or pages for a novel. At the end of the 100 days you will have a fully verified record of your own artistic endeavors to show at pod meetings or amp gatherings, and a LOT of inspiration for your own artistic ability. 
    And in 100 days it will be Spring!"

This cool idea is brought to us by Sue Canella. She is doing it. Donna Catanzaro has started. I have heard of this before, but what fun to be doing it with our group. Let Paulette know if you are doing it and we can start a list!


Reimagined: WCA Chicago Conference 2022

This information is from WCA National by way of the monthly newsletter, PULSE. There is much more of interest in this issue. This is just in case you missed it!

"Given the growing concerns around Covid-19 and the Omicron variant, WCA is working to transform WCA’s Occupy the Moment: Embracing Our History, Enhancing Our Impact conference panels and LTA Awards to virtual formats that will be rolled out during the course of 2022 for free to our members.
Rescheduled dates and details will be coming in the next few weeks. 
WCA’s 50th anniversary exhibitions in Chicago and events at the College Art Association Conference are going forward as planned! "

Have you ever....... by Adele Sanborn

Adele's piece has been accepted into the National WCA 50th Anniversary Exhibit, Occupy the Moment, Intersect History with Impact
Congratulations, Adele!
Daisies by Alma E. Grand

An Exhibition by Alma E. Grand
Galletly Gallery @ New Hampton School
Moore Center
34 Dr. Child Road
New Hampton, NH
January 24 - March 4, 2022
Artist Reception: February 11, 2022 | 5:30-7:00PM
M-F 8AM-4PM | SAT 9-11AM

It's Time to Renew Your Membership for 2022!

mfa Boston Field Trip
January 13, 2022

Monadnock Pod invites you to join us at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for an outing on Thursday, January 13th. We plan on viewing the shows (quilt stories and paper stories plus other exhibits) and having lunch there. Here is the link for you to see what’s happening.

Our Peterborough Town Library offers discounted tickets for Peterborough residents, so maybe your local library does as well. We will meet in the MFA lobby at 10:15am. Buy tickets for the quilt show for 11 to 11:30 entry. Proof of vaccination is required. Feel free to email Linda with any questions: linda@greenwoodbiz.com



The New Leaf Gallery
11 Roxbury Street
Keen, New Hampshire

January 12 -March 12, 2022

Artist's Meetup and Lunch for artists will be February 12 from 11 to 1 pm

Ten WCA NH artists are participating in the “Winter Wonderland” printmakers show opening on January 12 at The New Leaf Gallery, 11 Roxbury Street, Keene NH. The work will be on exhibit until March 12. There will be an artist “meetup” on February 12 from 11 am to 1 pm when these artists will talk about their work. Lunch at a local Keene restaurant afterwards. Everyone is invited to bring friends.

Overview of 2022
The Exhibitions Committee is planning events for 2022. First up is a show at the Two Villages Gallery in Contoocook next March called “Re-awakening".
A Plein Air Event is set for June at the Harris Center for Conservation, Hancock. We have a speaker to talk about the connection between art and nature for the opening reception. This event will be held in collaboration with the Harris Center and will be open to the public. Linda: linda@greenwoodbiz.com
WCANH Art Cruise
Save the Date!
You are invited to join fellow artists to cruise the picturesque Lake Sunapee for lunch on Saturday, September 10, 2022! Unique opportunity for you and your artist guests to meet and chat about your art. Specific details to come later.

Linda Greenwood,
Exhibitions Chair

From the PODS

Want to learn more about PODS? Heather Lord If you missed her article, Click Here

The Lakes Region Group  
The Lakes Region Group  Monthly meeting will be on Saturday January 8th at 10am-12 at the Meredith Community Center,   1 Circle Dr, Meredith, NH. We meet the second Saturday of each month at the community center.  We welcome WCA members and non-members to attend our meeting and we do enjoy a good show and tell, techniques, art books and anything related to art that the group will enjoy!  If you would like to join or know of someone who might be interested please contact Anne McMillan at 2amcmillan@gmail.com for more information. 

Our February meeting will be  February 12th at the Meredith Community Center at 10am.

Artist's Meeting Point (AMP)
the just north of Concord Pod, will be meeting at 10 a.m. on Monday, January 10th. This is weather and Covid dependent, if either looms it’s ugly head we will meet via Zoom, otherwise we will meet in person at TWIGGS Gallery.  We'll be sharing our art work and ideas, so bring some work to show, supplies you want to get rid of, or a great book on art that you’ve been reading.  Also if you want to stay for lunch (12-1), bring that as well for catch up.  This all happens at TWIGGS Gallery in Boscawen, exit 17 off of I93.  Questions?  Email adele.sanborn@gmail.com.

Monadnock Pod (ModPod)
The Monadnock pod will be visiting Boston MFA on January 17 at Linda's invitation. Linda Greenwood (617)899-3802

Plymouth Pod
Plymouth POD will meet IN PERSON Sunday, January 23, downstairs at Artistic Roots, Main Street, Plymouth.
All artists welcome. You do not have to be a WCANH member.
Please watch your email as sometimes there are changes.

This state wide POD meets the first Tuesday of each month. The next meeting
will January 4, at 6:30. Everyone invited! Email info@wcanh.org for codes.
Tracing Cards: Left to right top: Alice Sharie-Revelski, Margaret Femia, center: ?, Wendy Ayotte, and bottom: Jodi Scaltreto.

Artist Trading Card’s for 2022

In 2022 we are changing up our Artist Trading Card Swap bit, to bring fresh inspiration to our (increasingly popular!) swap. Participation was amazing in 2021 and I hope it will continue to grow next year. In 2022, we will use two inspirations each month – the first, a female artist and two, a medium which was not their primary creative technique. My suggestion would be to familiarize yourself with the artists work, then use the suggested medium to create your cards. But of course “rules” were made to be broken so realistically anything goes, with the only exception being the size of the card that you create. I will also be asking participants to make eight cards this year, two more than before, because participation has been so high and I want to share as much art as possible with all of our members.
If you are unfamiliar with Artist Trading Cards, they are little pieces of art that we trade, much like kids used to trade baseball cards back in the day. We ask that each participating artist make eight cards, based on the inspirational jumping off points listed below, every other month. Mail them to me at the address below with a self-addressed stamped envelope included. I will then assemble a random collection of cards for each participant, and one complete set for the archives. Your surprise collection of ATC’s will arrive in the mail a couple of weeks after the deadline! I challenge you to give it a try, especially if you never have made ATC’s before – it might provide a creative spark you weren’t expecting.
If you are making an ATC, there is really only one necessary guideline.
They measure 2 ½” x 3 ½”.
After that, it’s all up to you! ATC’s can be made of any material you think of. Many people cut watercolor paper to size and base their work on that, but we have ATC’s in our archives made entirely of fiber, glass and acetate, to name a few. Be creative! Polymer clay, metal, thin sheets of wood, quilting - what is your specialty? ATC’s can be dimensional or flat, painted or collaged, have moving pieces, tags, folds, embellishments or anything you can dream up. They just must stay within the 2 ½” x 3 ½” format. Bring your skill set to the practice and see what happens.
Please include the following information on the back of your ATC (or include it with each card in some other way): Your name, the date, and website if you have one. It is also a nice idea to include the themes that inspired you. Send your EIGHT cards with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (VERY important, if you want to receive cards back!!) and get them to me around the 1st of the month. If you have any questions about the program, or want to let me know your cards are on their way, please e-mail me at WendyAyotte67@gmail.com.

The themes for 2022 are:

Swap 1: Due Feb. 1 - wax, inspired by the work of Helen Frankenthaler
Swap 2: Due April 1 - nail polish, inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama
Swap 3: Due June 1 - pencil, inspired by the work of Elizabeth Catlett
Swap 4: Due Aug. 1 - ink, inspired by the work of Elaine Sturtevant
Swap 5: Due Oct. 1 - paper piecing, inspired by the work of Judy Chicago
Swap 6: Due Dec. 1 - embroidery, inspired by the work of Alma Thomas

Mail your eight ATC’s and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Wendy Ayotte, 76 Christmas Tree Lane, Milford, NH 03055. Every month surprises me when I see the cards other artists come up with. We all start with the same inspiration, but end up with completely different products! Look for photos in future newsletters, and join us!
Rockport Art Association & Museum
Fridays, January 28; February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2022, 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Registration Deadline: January 21
$250 RAA&M Members / $275 Non-Members

Dayna Talbot: The Power of Remembrance

Closing Date - February 11, 2022
Marian Graves Mugar Art Gallery, Sawyer Center
Colby Sawyer College
Open 10 am - 5 pm
New London, NH

Phoenix by Maundy Mitchell

My portrait "Phoenix" was accepted into the exhibit "Best of Women" at Stola Contemporary Art in Chicago. The exhibit is open to the public and runs from January 27 - March 12.

~Maundy Mitchell

Shari Boraz is please to have a piece that she collaborated on with Gail Smuda (Concord) in a show titled Exploring the World of Fibers!, at the Lexington Arts & Craft Society, running from Jan. 8-30 in Lexington,

From Your Editor
Like to see your art here? Want more art friends at your exhibitions? Find something fun or informative to share?

Contributions to the newsletter will be due by the fifth of each month.
send to
Please put "ArtGenda" in the subject line so I am sure to see it. Please send photos. If you include people, I like to print their names. While I send prompts, you don't need to wait for them
See you next month!
Paulette Brace,

Edith Weiler 

This grant is for WCA/NH members who wish to expand their expertise in the visual Arts through workshops, seminars, or classes

For more information, to apply or to donate

My news is that I'm included in a book coming out later this month!
Many of my Plymouth art friends know I'm part of a world-wide network of eco artists. The book has taken like 2 decades to actually make happen...If anyone is interested in the intersection of art and environment, this book has many examples
Find this book at:
~ Cynthia Cutting
Elsa Voelcker will have a display of some of her photographs at Kingston Library, starting Jan 11. Stop by if you can!

Members Businesses

These are businesses owned by WCA/NH members. It only makes sense that we support each other every way we can. Please email me (paulettebrace00@gmail.com) if you would like your business listed. Please put ArtGenda in the subject line so I am sure to see it.

Artist Services
Open for online workshops and one person in-studio workshops in Printing without a Press, Encaustic Mixed Media, and more. Check debraclaffey.com/workshops for details.
owner: Debra Claffey
Studio for Fine Art
22A Berkely St.
Nashua NH 03064
Art Instruction by Arrangement
specializing in drawing, watercolor & etching 
owner: Loretta CR Hubley

Maundy Mitchell Photography
Portrait Photography
Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264
owner: Maundy Mitchell

Meredith Frame Shop
73 Main Street, Meredith, NH
owner: Davida Cook

Twiggs Gallery
254 King Street
Boscawen, NH 03303
owner: Adele Sanborn
Gallery now open!

MacDonald Fine Art 
43 Gilford East Dr.
Gilford, NH
(603) 527-8255

Open to all Members, please join us!
Board Meeting
Third Thursday,
January 20, 2022
3:30 pm
On Zoom
To be included, email Donna Catanzaro (donnacatanzaro1@gmail.com)
Exhibition Meeting
Second Thursday
January 11, 2022
10 am
On Zoom
To be included, email Linda Greenwood

 The mission of the Women's Caucus for Art is to create community through 
art, education, and social activism.