A June Pop-Up
´╗┐Virtual Event!
It's Kusama-mania!
Wednesday, June 23rd at 11am
Cost: $40
Join Franklin Hill Perrell and Debbie Wells with Bonni Stanley for this virtual visit to Yayoi Kusama: Cosmic Nature, the hottest show in town at the New York Botanical Gardens! This is the perfect opportunity to learn all about this conceptual artist and enjoy the popular exhibition from the comfort of home. Our virtual experience is also the perfect prep for your own in-person visit.

Yayoi Kusama, the enigmatic Japanese artist, has a career spanning decades from her nude Pop Art "happenings" in Central Park to her jaw-dropping immersive art museum and gallery installations that attract millions of visitors throughout the world. At 92 years old, she continues to be a force in the art world!
Her lifelong fascination with polka dots (a shape on which she fixated as a child because her family was in the seed business) come to life in many creative forms, from her dotted pumpkins and flowers to her famous Infinity Mirror installations. Kusama's colorful sculptures and paintings all express her obsession with the concepts of obliteration, infinity and eternity. She is open about her mental health issues and why art is so important to her.

There is so much to learn about Yayoi Kusama and Artful Circle will take you on a virtual exploration of the artist's life and art with a special focus on the current exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens!
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