Artfully Chocolate in Del Ray
Launches New 
Food & Fizz Bar
We've Added To Our Chocolates and 
Ice Cream Treats
A New Menu

Food & Fizz Bar


The Food


Hamburger/Cheeseburger Slider*


Turkey Burger Slider*


Vegetarian Black Bean Burger Slider*


BBQ Slider


Hot Dog Slider*


Grilled Cheese Slider (ask for the cheese options du jour)*


BLT Slider*


Chicken Curry Salad Slider


Tuna Salad Slider


Egg Salad  Slider


Fluffernutter Slider


Pizza Slider


Dessert Slider (see dessert marquee for description)


Sides:  - Mac & Cheese*

    - Mac & Cheese Nuggets*

            - Baked Beans*

    - Tater Tots*

    - Potato Sticks

    - Coleslaw

    - Broccoli Salad

    - Yoghurt w/Granola

    - Mediterranean Salad










Two Slider Special (any two sliders and one side)


Three Slider Special (any three sliders and one side)


   The Fizz

Soda Flavors:  Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale,  Root Beer, Birch Beer,  Lemon Up, Orange, Pineapple,  Cream Soda          16oz



Chocolate Egg Cream Soda


Chocolate Malted Milkshake


Root Beer Float


Coke Float


Pina Colada Float


Dreamsicle Float


You name it and if we can make it float, float


Milkshake (Any of the Giffords flavors on hand)


Diva Milkshake (Pick your favorite diva and we'll shake her up)


Any other milkshake you can think of that we can make



* Not available for lunch


Go To for location and hours.