Arthur W. Perdue
Poultry Science Association Foundation Fellowship Applications
About the Fellowship
Perdue Farms, Inc. has historically been an active partner in the Poultry Science Association and strong supporter of research and education for young people involved in Poultry Science. Establishing this fellowship to address a critical issue facing the poultry industry today reinforces the leadership position which the Perdue Foundation has taken in prior years and will ensure future leadership for the entire industry.

The Fellowship will commence in the Spring semester of 2020 and be awarded to an outstanding student in poultry sciences pursuing a PhD degree. The Fellowship will provide $150,000 in funding over a three-year period subject to satisfactory progress. Priority emphasis for the proposed research project will focus on poultry house enrichment and welfare in broiler chickens. Innovative applied and basic aspects of poultry science will be considered. The proposed research should be focused upon the impact of the experimental design parameters on behavior and physiology of poultry included in the study as well as additional welfare parameters identified during the duration of the study.The information derived from the research conducted by the Arthur W. Perdue Graduate Fellow will ensure that the poultry systems adopted as a result of this fundamental research have a sound basis in scientific principles.

The selected graduate student will be directed in their study of poultry enrichment and welfare by a faculty mentor and advisory committee to include a Perdue Farms, Inc. scientist.

Applications should be made online to Dr. Tom Porter, Chair of the Perdue Graduate Poultry Research Fellowship Committee at the link below.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM CST.
Selection of the PhD Award recipient is anticipated by January 1, 2020.
Application Requirements
  1. Student name and curriculum vitae (CV) summarizing the qualifications of the student who will receive the Fellowship (limit 2 pages):
  2. Mentor name and 3-page CV outlining the mentor’s qualifications and achievements in the field of research proposed (limit 3 pages):
  3. Institutional unit (describe the organization involved and the facilities where the research will be conducted; limit 1 page):
  4. Project title (a brief, clear description of the subject of the research; limit 1 page):
  5. Project description including the sections listed below (limit 1 page each section):
  • Principal objectives of the project (a statement of the specific purpose and goals of the research)
  • Justification (describe the significance of the project and how it may benefit the poultry industry)
  • Approach (provide a brief outline of the experimental methods to achieve the project objectives)
  • Expected outcomes (provide a brief description of the advances in broiler house enrichment and welfare to be obtained upon completion of the proposed research)